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Williams is the 22nd Super Bowl of MVP, led Red Leather to win the 1987 super bowl, and he is the first African American four-point guard in the super bowl, and his performance is the completion of the rule. 340 yards passed the ball and 4 reached, helping the team to overcome Denver wild horses.

Pre-red skin super bowl MVP promotion player personnel deputy director
Beijing June 14th, Washington Red Skin, in March, in March, SCCLOUGHAN, US Tuesday, the team officially announced the replacement candidate.

The first game of Miami dolphins had to extend due to hurricanes. And their playing Based Cody Parkey is obviously unpleasant. He completed 4 arms shoots in the game, including the 54 yards in the last moment of the game, and he helped the dolphins gradually narrow the score gap in the second half of the game, and eventually defeated Los Angeles lightning in 19-17. Such a performance makes him a second week of the United States, the best special team player.

Atlantian Falcé Desmond Trufant became the best defensive player in China. In the game of the Falcon 34-23, he completed the passage of the passage in the second end, making the falcon get up to the end of the half. Subsequently, in the first half of the stage, complete the copy and attack 15 codes, helping the Falcon establishment 24 points.

According to ESPN reporters Adam Schefter, the lion will add this running guard to the injury reserve list. Johnson injured in the knee in the Black Panther in November, as the lion's playoffs hoped, let him seriously become a must.

Tom Brady's 39th pass 30 successfully achieved 447 yards 3 times in the game in the new Orleans Holy 36-20, and the performance of the 447 yards 3 times. The performance of the second week of the United States, the best offensive player. 447 yards were the number of single-game codes in his two years. At the same time, 39 passed 30 times were also the highest success rate since October last year.

The Best Secret Service Group Player Awards, the Best Technical Group, belongs to the Detroit Lion, and the Jamal Agnew. When the Lion was only a leader in the fourth quarter, Aqui doubled to the abandonment to avoid the number of giants players, and the way to drive into the 88-drawn kick. This score actually ensured that the lion finally won at 24-10.

Lion Run Weide - Johnson is added to the injury reserve list
Beijing December 20th, Kerryon Johnson brought a wide-year-old ground attack for the lions. He would give more opportunities for 2019, but he won't come again this season.
Brown was injured in the outer card that was better than the Saint, did not participate in the National Union Championship of the Marina. He participated in the training of Thursday and Friday, and the increase in training did not have a negative impact on him.
The Hawie's outer handle Gordon failed to reach the resumption of appearance.
NFL TV reporter Tom Pelissero reported that after returning to Seattle Hawks, cheap Jerseys only 1 day, Josh Gordon will continue due to failure to reach the resumption of appearance. Lack. He will not participate in the team training, indefinitely absent.

Gordon was resumed in the future on December 3. Previously, he was punished in the end of December 16, 2019 due to violation of NFL drug abuse regulations and banned use. This is the fifth time in his career.

Arizona Red Spits Extractions JJ-Nelson (J. J. Nelson) became the best offensive players in China. At 10 minutes behind the rickets, Nelson defeated two opponent defensive players to complete 45 yards. He completed 5 battles in this game to get 120 yards, helping the Red Square Tournament 16-13 to overcome Indianapolis horses. This is the third single game number of his career.

Super bowl of injury report: Emirates activation outside Robinson
US time, Emirates Demarcus Robinson is activated to the big list and can play the super bowl after play. The pirates take over Antonio-Brown is listed as unable to determine possible.

Kansas City Chief Defensive Diffuse Chris Jones became the best defensive player in Menlian, USA. After the data was not obtained in the first week, he got 3 kills in the second game, forcing the ball and 1 copy to help the emirate 27-20 overcome the festive eagle. At the fourth section, he completed the copy of the copy, and made a foundation for the subsequent chief.