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Xiao Baker Him: I bring my talent to the football field!
This summer, Odel Beckham spent time spent the giant's team training and European training camp. In Europe, of course, some things that must be done in Europe, such as playing football.

List review: Patriot and right cut plus agglomeration contract
Beijing July 30, the Patriot and the old will be restructured by Marcus Cannon. Now Gongnong has a $ 4.5 million security funds in the 2019 season. In addition, the team has also added some incentive clauses that allow Gongnan's total contracts with a maximum of $ 24 million.

Van Devi played an excellent in the first preseason in the first game, four free kicks all hit, including a 55-yard remote trial. In addition, he also contributed 2 50 yards above. But the crow is playing in the team and abandoning the kickle personnel: Justin Tucker and Sam Koch. Therefore, the crow finally decided to trade this potential specialist group player.

Crow will play the ball to Kaili Van Dewvik to Viking
On August 12th, the Crow on Sunday announced that the 25-year-old kick-fighting is traded to Viking, and Weijing pays a five-wheel draft of the 2020 season.

Xiaobei completes two opportunities to complete the connection. And in the third try, it is even in a sight of the whole world in his rookie season, and it is a single-handed game. It is also that kind of ball, let "Odel Beckham" mounted on the headline, becoming a new generation of nfl.

The jet outer hand Jamison Crowder is injured in the left foot in Monday, and the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging will be accepted. Last year he missed 7 games due to the right ankle injury. If the injury is not a big problem, Claude should be one of the number one weapons of Sam Darnold.
Former AAF players, Emirates Kelith Reaser Clarion tear. Right Diffuse Michel - Mitchell Schwartz leaving the training.
Justin Reid is added to the list of non-rugby injuries.
The crow is expected to be signed, Joe Callahan, is currently waiting for physical examination results.
Tiger outside the Tiger, John Ross, the leg crisp, injury needs daily observation, you may absence two weeks. NOAH Dawkins has passed the medical examination.
Alfred Morris will go to Saints.
Pirate Safety Wei Alon - Sturt Stewart Knee Cross Torn Torn.
Brown Wires Garden Efri (ankle) did not participate in training, running Kareem Hunt (groin) remains in the list of non-rugby injuries.
Bill signed the close-edge Kyle Carter, cutting the line Wei Zhuwan - JUWAN FOGGIE.
Robert Nkemdiche, no one, has become a free player.

[Pre-match] Ninth Weight: New York Giants VS Dallas Cowboy
On the 9th week of Monday, I welcome the civil war in Guandong District. At present, the first Dallas denim is challenged the New York Giants in the near future. Since 2018, the cowboy has achieved 8 wins and 1 loss of record in the partition civil war. Will they continue this rule, or the giant will reverse the decline under the first round of Shi Si Daniel Jones?

As a leader in the alliance, the denim runs 卫 卫 基基 - Ezekiel Elliott and the Giant Saquon Barkley plays an important role in the performance of their respective teams. The Ai'ret is stable in this season, and Bakley is affected by injuries. Although it quickly returned after the ankle sprain, Bakley in the past two weeks was obviously not fully recovered. However, with the continuous improvement of health, it is foreseen that Baxley will have better play in this game. He and Eliot's performance may determine the results of the game.

In the first confrontation of the two teams this season, Jones only replaced the first quartz of Eli Manning in junk time. And now, he will lead to cowboy. In the first 2, Jones showed stunning, but in the subsequent game, he showed that he was still a rookie. His consciousness in the quarter-saving protection network, the protection of the ball, and there are still many places that need to be improved for defensive reading. In the face of the jeensee defensive group in front of the ranking, will Jones play?

Texas is quite a clock Acklemn player, except Hop, 4-point Guide Sandson, External handle Delie-Hopkins, Trusque DJ Rui DJ Reader, defensive front line Carlos Watkins, Markus Gilchrist, is a member of the former Clemsen.

"I think he is not the greatest quarter of the history," Brad is said. "It is difficult to say. He may be our best four-point guard in the past 30 years. Is it better than (Roger -) Staubach? No. He Bowen - Fuds (Dan Fouts) Isn't it ok? Dan Marino? Don't. I refer to the collection of all factors, come from the perspective of the talent. "

The Houston's external walking position is shrouded in the wound haze. Will Fuller clavicle fracture can't be played, Braxton Miller sent to the black panther after the injury is absent cheap Jerseys from china the training.

A few days ago, he first showed his own huge and "world wave" when the training of Bayern Munich.
Following Tuesday, he took himself in NFL's famous stunts & mdash; & mdash; brought one hand to another green field. Under the cooperation of Tottenm Hot thorns, Beckham once again showed 45 yards of articulate articon, but this time the captured is not rugby, but football.