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When receiving an interview with ESPN, the star has a confirmation that he has made mistakes in many issues. "I think I apologize because I have owed the entire NFL because I have passed the behavior." Brown said. "I feel that many things can be done better."

Fordi was injured in the third section and collided with Viking Safety Harrison - Harrison Smith. Prior to this, he pushed 41 yards 10 times, and another 4 times pushed 28 yards. Fordi has been involved in the trading rumor, and the trading rumors after injury will also stop. The rookie runs Jeremy Langford is flat.

Another running guard C.j. Anderson's performance is disappointing, although compared to Horthman, his body and technical features are more suitable for the inside rush, but the season still has a stunning performance last season.

The broker said: "This has accepted the diagnosis of team doctors and related experts. They judge that such injuries did not require surgery. However, it is certain that he will not participate in the occupational bowls after half a month. I look forward to it as soon as possible In the knee injury, he wants to maintain health during the rest period, take more time to participate in training, and teammates. "

Kubiak also said that Hillman is the best offensive player in the game last week to defeat Mingnesota Weijing. He not only performs excellent performance in the rush, but also completed the task well in passing the ball. . Last Zhou Hirman completed a 72-code shock of the ball, the wild horse took 144 yards from the ground, and they only completed the rush 171 yards in the first three weeks.

Rosrisberg will do not need to accept knee surgery
Pittsburgh Steelman Quadruple Ben Roethlisberger has been revealed before, or will receive knee surgery during the snap. On Saturday, his broker introduced the latest situation in Rosrisberg and revealed that it did not need to receive surgery.

Falcon four points Wei Lan does not survey unexpected pickup Jones absent training
Beijing June 22, the top of the news, the number of years, the absence of training, will not let the Falcon 4-point Swan Matt Ryan are too worried.

Ryan said: "Training will naturally help you with others, but he and I am the most tacit partner in the team. We have experienced too much together, and all kinds of stares have seen it. I know that he is at specific How to react now, this also gave me some free time space. The advantage of training is of course, but the most important thing is to keep him the vitality and explosive force of the game day, as long as it retains these, he is difficult to block. "

The bear team runs from Fufi knees injured, and the situation is unknown.
The Chicago Bear This week, he was hit hard. The team lost and losed. In the game of 20-23 by Minnesota, the Matt Forte was injured. The 29-year-old Ford is the most trusted offensive weapon of the team. The head coach John Fox said his specific situation is indispensable.

This is a good news for steel people and Roose Rosberg, which will not only help him maintain a state, will also have an impact on his new contract to a certain extent. Rosrisbergie Jay-Carteller is one year old, he is about to negotiate with the team. Rosrisberg naturally hopes to have a high-payment of a high payeer at this age, a healthy physical condition will help him get more chips in the negotiation process. The steel man is very satisfied with the performance of the quadrant, and the insider revealed that the team will try to meet the requirements of Rosrisberg.

Wild horses will balance the time of the two running guards
During the last week, Denver Morn Horse runs the Ronnie Hillman to complete the new 103-yard floor of the team season. The head church Gary Kubiak said that it is considering that the two will send it first. According to cheap nfl Jerseys from china official website reporters, Kubik plans to balance the number of two running guards.

Quin said: "I am very happy to use Stafford to be quad-saving. He will restore health before the start of the race season, now it is already almost the same. I have talked to him in the office. It feels good, the mental state is also very good, he is very excited. "

Even if Kui is not to use four-point guard this year, he may also try at a more reliable round. After Stafford was injured, Jeff Drisskel and David Blao (David Blao) were not satisfactory, Qui Dynasty may need to continue to add fresh blood.

"I am very happy to hear some positive comments to me after 140 days, because I have become NFL's cancer," Brown talked about the speech of Goodel. "Question children, troublesome, those who are very bad."

The general manager of the Lion said that it will continue to use Stafford to be the first quarter
Lions have a probe sign this year, and you can pick a potential to pick a potential quad-shunt & mdash; & mdash; Tua Tagovailoa, Equation; Tua Tagovailoa (Tua Tagovailoa), German said goodbye.

In the 9 seasons of the Tittsburgh Steelman, Brown is one of the best outer hands of the alliance. He was traded from the Auckland raid last year, but he was cut off before the start of a series of disputes. Then he joined the New England Patriots, but only after the team was played in 1 game, it was cut off since the field problem.