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"I am completely different from before, so I feel that I don't look at myself." Haskins said, "But I will find something wrong with it. I don't Negotiate the video, but I am more willing to see something else. "

Johnson successfully obtained 175 yards twice successfully twice in the first episode of the team. McAllen came out of Dorarton in the competition of the pirate and fid out, led the team to complete a wave of 80 yards at the fourth quarter.

Type Type Type Type has been troubled by ligament injury, and the rickets have been contracted him in February 2015, and then Sanji and San Francisco have signed a contract, but he did not have any opportunities at 49 people.

Haskins is slowly progressing, and the speed of shooting in the past few weeks is faster, and the decision-making level is better. Will not pass the ball to the external connections, and will not transfer the people who can't guard against the self-defense.

Welcome to the NFL football "Super Bowl" Super Bowl "& quot; activity, after the end of the session, Xiaobian carefully counts the voting situation of everyone, found that almost all people choose this game in the" Titan VS Crow ". The crow is advanced. Of course, Xiaobian himself is also a crow. But the prize is still to be sent out, so after the discussion decided to start the second round of voting activities, from now until January 19th 24:00 ( Day 1 day before the partitioned finals), continue to participate in the "Super Bowl Premiere" activity, and submit information on the map according to the requirements, winning the fans will have the opportunity to receive the official exquisite prize in the order of the correct forecast.

The second episode has apparently indicates the fate of Johnson, and he did not get an opportunity to get a play in the game 11-25 lost in Tampawan pirate. AJ McArron (AJ McCarron) in the fifth round of the show in 2014 was preceding the team until the shoulder injury was first.

According to a lover, the cowboy will arrange Forton to accept the nuclear magnetic resonance test as soon as possible, and the team still hopes that this defense will be able to participate in this week. At the age of 28, Meilton, who was brought to cowboy, and became a branger player of denim defensive group. Since the season, he completed a total of 5 kills, ranking 2nd team.

Cowboy defensive cutoff fear of leg injury absence
This weekend card is to start, but Dallas denim is a bad news on Monday on Monday: The team defensive hanry melton or will absence the game with the Detroit lion. According to NFL official website reporters, the Mayerton legs are injured. At present, the specific injury is still unclear, but it is very likely that he will end this season in advance.

According to the scoring system of PFF (Pro Football Focus), Forton's comprehensive score is ranked 15 in all defensive cuts of the Alliance. This season, the cowboy offensive group fiercely in Tony Romo, but the defensive performance has always worrying. If Meerton confirms the absence, it is undoubtedly a cool way to improve snow that is unspeakable for the team. Cowboys need to think about the method as soon as possible.