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The Haiying team has taken Robert Turbin and Christine Michael as a replacement of Robert Turbin and Christine Michael, while two replacement will reach $ 5 million in next year and 2.5 million. Dollar. Whenever the Haiying is trying to leave Lin Qili, they will finally find weak offensive, but also rely on Lynch.

Carlore said in an interview with "Today, US" on Thursday: "Lynch is still in the contract next year, we really want him to stay. I never want him to leave." And further on Friday, he Through the "Today's United States": "If he can play for us next season, we will be exciting. We will do every effort to let him leave."

The view presented in the NFL podcast platform this week is that Lin Qi's performance in the past two weeks is better than his eight years of performance. It is true that in the game against the New York Giant Team and the Kansas Emirates, a 554 yard, a total of 554 yards led by Lindchi, and chasing the team history.

Owl near the front of the Arms leg gluten injury restricted training
One of the good news from the eagle is: Patrick Robinson returns to complete training, it seems that the brain shock encountered on Sunday competition does not affect Robinson.

But now, Cheap Jerseys with the emergence of Deshene Kize, he hopes to end this embarrassment. Kase is recently said: "You look at the list of constant growth, you can hear people discuss all. So now it is the next list, at least for me."

Stephen Ross said he would like to let Campbell, but let his new coach make decisions. Campbell has something else. Only by leaving dolphins can let him strengthen their own resume, so that they can attract other teams to attract other teams to serve as coach.

Campbell has previously participated in the team to find new coach, but the Dolphin's high level selected Adam Gase as a coach. Campbell is still in the contract, and it is necessary to end the contract with the team to find other jobs.

Plush plan to let the new Xiu Ximus focus on one position
During the university, ISAIAH SIMMON has hit five different locations and can contribute. Such capacity naturally also makes the red ramp, but the red squatter coach Kliff Kingsbury hopes that he can focus on a location.

After the game, Smith said: "How do I feel? In fact, I have been the first time from my career. I have been 36 years old. I was hit by the front team, I know who he is he is, in him I want to say: How do you feel? "

Dolphins got 2 wins in Campbell, but then the decline was declining, and 3 wins and 7 losses were obtained in the last 10 games. Campbell made a lot of novice mistakes and after the start of the team, it was clear that the dolphins still need to improve in tactical design.

On December 27th, the crow and the steel man will be affirmed that Smith will will play. If I am Mitchell, I will choose to retreat, because this is the last season of Smith, who knows what he will do? Jealous

When I received a video interview on Monday, Jinsale said: "What we think is, if he can specialize in a position, but at the same time, what will it be? The upper limit will break through the day. So we are very expected to be, he There is a top-life ability, but it has always been transforming, there is no chance to focus. If we can make him most of the time, the upper limit will be higher. "

Campbell has been a close-end coach of dolphins since 2011, and his next stop is worthy of attention. He has never served as an offensive coordinator. This position is reasonable for a coach with coach as a coach.