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Braddy said: "Everything has changed, we can't make any changes for things that have already happened in the past. We are all new teams, they have some old people will have retired, we are also, no one will put them again On the field. This is a familiar but strange game. "

Washington red skin quartz Wei Kirk-Coss passed 322 yards, 3 passed the ball reached the copy, although there was such data but did not help the team got victory, and the red skin had to swallow The six seasons of the season lost the bitterness. Last season, the Thanksgiving Wars, Cousins ​​came out of 449 yards and 3 times, and the team also played excellent, but the team still lost to Dallas Cowboy. In the second year, I will win the Thanksgiving competition, can the red skin come down on the "Weak Travel" giant?

Lagni was in the NFL for 11 years and turned three teams. He is the 1979 eagle eight-wheeled show, and he came to San Francisco after five years. The team won the 1984 champion. In 1988, he played 13 games in Cleveland, and then went back to the eagle to finish 4 games, ending his career.

Among the second season of effectiveness, Stewart performs well in the strong second-line defense with AQIB Talib, Chris Harris and T.J.j. Ward. Sitturt This season's 10 games were all initiated, and the present performance him will acquire the number of careers. At the same time, his 3 copy is already a new career. Two of them were made in the game against the Saints of the New Orleans.

Johnson was taken in the number of the history of the male lion in the history of the male lion, and the total number of 731 battles was completed. The 11619 yards were 83 times. In 2012, he could set a record number of NFL single seasons in 1964 yards. He has also obtained a single game number (329 yard) in a single game. In only nine seasons, although the early career with some bad four-defense cooperation and in the later period of injury, Johnson still had a total number of six consecutive seasons. His average 86.1 yard is the highest in NFL history.

Whether it is why, Johnson retired to many of the Detrialiors. In 1999, the famous Hall of Runs Sanders is still one of the league's top running guards and may break the history of the history of the history. Now Johnson is 30 years old to unveil the scar of the lion fans.

Wild Horses Saturday and Stewart Contains for 4 years. This contract value is up to $ 30 million, including $ 28 million of basic salary, and guaranteed revenue reached $ 17.5 million. Average $ 7 million in Ratte is a huge salary increase of $ 2.13 million in the first contract of Horse. Sittrtart, which will become a free player will now be effective in the 2020 season after the end of this season.

The defensive weakness of the crow lies in the second line. Can they organize Braddi will be a key point in the game. Of course, the crow also has its own secret weapon, Dean Pees dean Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pispis Bi Belch Belichick has evaluated Pis: he has the ability to cover any errors in the defensive group. He also knows how to deal with Braddy.

Assistant assistant coach praised the team attack front line
When the Auckland raid continues to cultivate them will become the four-point guards of the team's cornerstone, it is important to do their own job in this four-point guard.

Johnson suffered a series of injuries in the past five seasons, these injuries from his ankle to his fingers. Johnson decided that only 30 years old, retired is more due to injuries rather than the money or a victory record.

As Braddy said, the crow once defensive core Ed Reed and Ray Lewis have left the team, which is no longer a super bowl of championship in the year. But their defense is equally unable to make smaller, it becomes more balanced and efficient than compared with the 2012 season. The crow has one of the best anti-running lineups in the Alliance, and cheap jerseys the most horrible rushing hand combination Trell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil.

Breddy: We and the crows are a new team
The new England patriots are about to meet Baltimore Crows in the Mennah semi-final, as a team leader, four-point Wei Tom Braddy (Tom Brady) naturally does not want to have a flash at home. When this week was interviewed, Braddy said, although both parties were very familiar, the two teams have become a new team.

Over the years, the raids have felt hope for the first time, and the offensive group was the reason why they had such feelings. Latavius ​​Murray is an exciting running saber, plus the Amari Cooper to make the team may have a star outside. If the offensive front line does your own work, Karl has everything you need to make progress.

[Event Prevent] Section 12 Thanksgiving War Giant @ 红 皮
New York Giants and Washington Red Leather Down to the Dead Enemy of Guandong District will support the 12th week of the regular season on Thursday, and the third game of Thanksgiving Wars. In the two teams including the playoffs, the giants occupy an absolute advantage in 99 wins and 67 losses. At present, the two teams are relatively far from the season of this season. I don't know what kind of wonderful rollouts will come out on Thursday night?