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"This is a cool moment in sports, especially for Ramar, the same for Baltimore," Wik said: "Everyone can feel excited. Honestly, I didn't expect this record so soon. Be broken. When Lamar leaving the university, we talked to him, & lsquo; play your style, be yourself. & Rsquo; but I don't even expect Ramar to do this so soon. This shows If you have a suitable teammate, the right coach, the right team will happen. "

Two Mei Xian East District teams that have already entered the playoffs. But the patriot is still in the competitive advantage of the playoffs. The patriot of the road is first, first, in the first wave of attack, the stable mushroom attack and short biography help the patriottener stably advance, after attacking the dolphin 2 yard line, quartz Kam Braddy (Tom Brady) The short pass is found to get the near-end Marturus - Martellus Bennett gets the reachable. After the midst of the dolphins, the patriot will continue to work hard from the middle of the midfield, they rely on the Run Galley Grette Bronte, and then Brady passed the ball to take over Malcreeha. Michael Floyd acquired 14 yards. Dolphins followed by greater trouble, their long biography was copied by the patriot. However, the final patriot only converts this CCT to any basket of shooting. Subsequently in the second section of the Patriot once again scored any ball score, they achieve 20-0 leaders. At this time, the dolphins is like a dream, and they finally rely on the shock and short biography to successfully promote the patriot red area, and finally the quarter-mole (Matt Moore short biography found external hand Jayvis - Randri ( Jarvis Landry) acquired 8 yards. After the beginning of the first half, the pupils that started to start offset were reached again. After successfully advanced to the patriot 25 yard line, Moore Changfa was found to take the way to Kenny Stills to get a reachable. Dolphin saw the hope of catching the patriot. But the patriot will respond, after attacked to this 23-yard line, Braddy short passed to the outside Julian EDELMAN, the latter rushed into the DVA in the teammates, get 77 Code. After entering the fourth quarter, the dolphin is then hit. They are pushing to the patriot 6 yard line, the patriot line guards Xie McLeen, and the Shetan Mcclein grabs the ball and attacks 69 yards to the Dolphin Red District. . The patriot did not let go of this opportunity, and Bronds finally completed a code shock to reach and the patriot successfully completed 2 points. The patriot 35-14 defeated dolphins. Dolphin QuartzMol 34 passed 24 successfully obtained 205 yards 2 times to reach 1 time passed. The patriot quarter-point Weidi 33 passed 25 times successfully obtained 276 yards 3 times, and he has been 28-2 this season. The total alliance record is set. External portner Erman 8 times a 151 yards were taken 1 time. This victory makes the patriot successfully ensures the home advantage of the season.

Breddy's private chef revealed in January, 80% of this Goat usa is vegetables, and some are cereals, such as brown rice, buckwheat, millet, etc. Breddy also likes to eat lean meat, such as organic steak, duck, chicken and wild salmon.

Hilton was injured in the fourth knee of the Pony 14-27 lost in the Buffalo Bier. Although he left in the middle of the game, he still got 88 yards of data leading the team. The Pony will face the New York jet and away cheap nfl jerseys from china the New York jet and away from the New York jet and away from the next two weeks.

The view of this National Liannan District is on the two teams of the two major alliances. What kind of sparks will come out. After the opening, the Falcon offensive group first made it difficult, and the quartz-Ren Ren continued to complete the 61 yards, and finally he was short to find the TEVIN COLEMAN to get a 7-yard run. Saints then successfully attacked the Falcon 1 yard line, but their attack was successfully blocked by the falcon by the falcon, and the saints could only score any ball. However, in the Falcon's underlying waves, the Devonta Freeman, who took the trip to Dalunzer, completed 75 yards in the Detan area. However, the saints finally started to respond, 4 points Drees and the squat attacks have completed the number of large-size offensive to help them advance, and finally run Tim-Heili (Tim Hightower) Complete 2 code shocks. However, the falcon will then come back, and the saints in the Falcon's attack started to help the falcation from the 25-yard line from this party to the Saint 24 code line. Next, Lanni came out three consecutive passes, Julio Jones, Jones's third game helped falcon to get up to the fight. After the saints were subsequently attack, the Falcon once again torn again and defensive. This wave of attacks in Len, the passage of the big sum, eventually, after successfully advanced to the Saint 10 yard line, Ryan short passed to the outer hand, Mohamed Sanu, Sanu (Mohamed Sanu). After the saints, you can only rely on any basket, like the previous, the Saint can't stop the Falcon attack, the falcon is easily promoted to the saints 7 yard line, Ryan passed the ball Justin Hadi (Justin Hardy) Get up to the array. The first half of the contestant gains 5 times, and the propulsion code number reached 323 yards. In the second half, although the falcon has been promoted many times, it is not possible to stop like the first half, just in the third quarter through one free shot. But the Saint Offense Group cannot score in the third quarter. The game can be said that he has lost his suspense. In the fourth quarter, Brisca completed the number of large numbers and pushed 75 yards, and finally passed the ball to the new show, Michael Thomas, got 14 yards. This is also the latter, the 9th game of the season, to create a record of the team. Subsequently, even if Bris off, the pallé was copied, but the falcon did not use this opportunity to score. The restart of the attack, the Saint-Run, the 1-code gap of the Mark Ingram (Mark Ingram). Subsequently, the Saint uses gambling to kick the ball, Bris continues to lead the Saints through his pass and finally pass the TRVARIS CADET to complete 3 yards. This makes them see the hope of turning over, but unfortunately their gambling kicks have no longer succeed, the falcon will return to the ball to ensure victory. Saint Siwu Bryi 50 passed 29 successfully achieved 2 times to double the ball was copied, after this game, Bris fifth single season passed the number of passed 5000 yards, running Guide Yingla Mi 20-time mushpo gave 103 yards and 1 time, the outer hand, Thomas, took 156 yards and 1 time. Falcon four points to Lan 36 passed 27 times successfully achieved 331 yards 4 times, running David Friedman 12 times, get 96 yards 1 time, 51 yards, external hand, Jones 7 The sputum will get 96 yards and 1 time.