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In fact, Peterson does not seem to cover up the matter, in December last year, the man from Texas running back indicated that, if he wanted to play for the Cowboys denied, then he is lying. Currently, the 29-year-old Peterson is now in the Viking seven-year contract in the fourth year, while the value of the contract up to $ 96 million.

At that time 20 seconds left in the game, the Patriots five yards at halftime hand ball in the side, quarterback - Tom Brady (Tom Brady) Select knees. At this time, Owen tried to break glycopyrrolate Koski interference Brady. The two sides collide, which evolved into a fight. In the course of the two struggling, several players join the conflict, even a player obvious punch to attack the opponent's phenomenon. Owen after the game is also not cool for their own behavior and apologize to the Patriots players Seahawks fans.

After four years of substitution, Dunba became a full-time starting member for the first time last year. He did not let the team disappointed, and 4 cases were completed in 11 games. At least 100 defensive angular guards, professional football focus websites will take him in a comprehensive defense second.

Watt Take is about 27 years old, although the career has taken a substitute in most cases, but it also shows enough starting capability. After being selected by the Eagle in 2016, Tatai has played a 61 game, and 24 were first. The eagle won the year of the Super Bowl, Wattai gave 10 games for Philadelphia. He can play around, and you can also serve as a right dust when necessary.

McCartki said that the strategy of Allen Jones, Ty Montgomery and Jamal-Williams (Jamaal Williams), how to distribute the workload still not explained, but in Montgomery Come, these three people will have a positive impact on the packwork in any case.

In addition to Owen, there are three players receive a penalty notice: Seahawks defensive end Michael - Bennett (Michael Bennett), Patriots tight end Rob - glycopyrrolate Koski (Rob Gronkowski) and Michael - Houma Nawa Nu (Michael Hoomanawanui). Three were fined $ 8628.

This time, Adrian - Peterson has issued a statement clarifying the matter, he said he "had never expressed to leave the Vikings meaning" and "willing to retire the Vikings." Minnesota Vikings also said that Peterson is an integral part of the team. War season around the corner, now is really not a good time to let the rumors flying.

The lion will be with the original eagle attack cut off for Cheap Nfl Jerseys 5 years
US Time Monday, according to media reports, the lion will sign a 5-year $ 50 million contract with the original eagle attack. Halapoulivaati Vaitai is a 5-year 50 million US dollars.

Seahawks linebacker Owen was triggered fighting was fined $ 10,000
Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bruce - Owen (Bruce Ivrin) triggered because the two teams fight before the end of the Super Bowl, it is punishable by $ 10,000 fines Union. The final stage of the Super Bowl, New England Patriots quarterback hopes to run out of time by kneeling down. Owen collision at this time other players, lead to double conflict. Owen when the referee will immediately deported home.

Adrian - Peterson living in Han Cao Ying heart?
Alone players about the Minnesota Vikings team & mdash; & mdash; Adrian - Peterson (Adrian Peterson) want to move the message is no longer news, it was reported that the superstar's heart had a home of the Dallas Cowboys in June this year, Peterson Cowboys owner Jerry to the phone - Jones (Jerry Jones) expressed his intention formerly played for the Cowboys.

Jones received the radio access: "Tony is really great, I have said more than one time but I have to repeat, if he can't open the big door in the super bowl in Dallas's entire career, I will also say he has already I have won the super bowl, maybe this is my biggest loss. He is a quarter-saving you can win the super bowl. He can lead the team. So he is also the people in the entire league, I don't want to put it in the opponent. "

Packaging Trendy, Montgomery: Establish Director
Packaging worker teaches Mike McCarthy, which has been clarified that this season will not use a method of making tailback (one of Tailback, running guard).

Jones seems to have been trust in Romo, but don't forget Jones is a businessman. For the 35-year-old Romo, there is no way back. If you are talking to Jones, then you will win the super bowl, and he is also best to do it.

Montgomery said: "Although everyone is fighting for a job, understanding the teammate is still indispensable, no matter who is on the field, you hope he can complete the task, no matter who we have played, you can play each person. The strengths are more efficient. This is the depth and diversity you need. "