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Gordona previously missed the team's break training and training camp and the preseason, and the lightning had seen a new contract for the average annual salary reached 10 million US dollars, but Gordon's demand exceeded the flash of the flash.
With more and more nfl Jerseys contracts exposed annually, some teams choose to sign contracts once a year to minimize the risk of injury. In terms of offensive players, Dallas denim may also take similar ways to Tiez-Bryant (DEZ BRYANT). Houston in defensive players may become typical cases. This is likely to be the only way to give their core players closest to the market value.

But it is difficult to play a maximum weakness of Fuller. He was absent from 5 games last season, and his average of 10 games in average in his career. And in the new season, the bigger problem is to take over the top of the original header to take over Didre Hopkins. Fuller must lead the team wide receiver position while maintaining health.

Fuller's talent is unquestionable, his speed can let the opponent defend the defender. In the 42 game, he advised a 14.3 yard each time, a total of 16 times a total of 16 times. When he appeared, Texas Ferry Affairs Group averaged 5.6 points per game.

A few days ago, Stratesco expressed dissatisfaction with Gordon 's long time. "I was disappointed with him for a long time. I am proud of finding problems to solve the problem, I haven't solved this problem," said Specesses. "We know that he is more important for our team, but he is the meaning of our collective, but on the other hand, we will face the pony this week, I have confidence in our existing players, they will show excellent "

The Romo is no longer tiger, and he has completed the pass to more than 34 times, only 9 times, and won the total number of 114.4 points of the four-point guard. At present, these three have already formed the strongest offensive combination of the league, and they hope to continue the hot state, further, even impact the super bowl in the playoffs.

"As for my health, I feel very good. I have no surgery accepted at the beginning of the snap-in," Fuller said. "If I can play 16 games, I believe that I can do this this year, then I have a big one. When I played, I tried to help the team to win, no matter what this season What is the effect on me at the end, whether it is data or what is still, we wait to see it at the end of the season. "

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Subsequential offensive, Romo was successfully connected to Bryant, and the latter completed 23 yards to catch up, and won the 16th boller in this season. This figure not only leads the alliance in this season, but also creates a team's team's conversation record. In the end, Murray completed the 1845 yards of the shower, and became the code king this season, leading the second place to more than 400 yards.

Cowboy three-drive carriage has been a new record, which has become the strongest combination of the league.
Dallas Cowboy is willing to win the National District Championship, and strongly enter the playoffs. They showed the spirit of the spirit this season to a new year, and they won the 12 victories. At the same time, the cowboy is the only team that all the union is full. The key to cowboy is back and changing, is the team's iron triangle: Tony Romo, running Demarco, Murray, Murray, and External Tete - Bryant (DEZ Bryant) .

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The chief year or give Houston's stickers next year.
9 games 12 recorded & mdash; & mdash; Kansas Emirates Justin Houston is being sprinting towards NFL single seasons. The form of the Emirates is still unclear with his long-term big contract. The current negotiations are still in a deadlock. For the Emirates, it is very likely that Houston is attached to the privilege tag again in the 2015 season.

At 3 minutes and 05 seconds left in the first quarter, Murray broke through the left and complete the 32 yards long distance. This also helped him complete the feat of the single seasons, 1773 yards, surpassing the team's legendary running to the 19-year team record.

Ryan Pace, general manager of the team, said that surgery was one of the choices of White. If he cured him can return after eight weeks. The front first round of Shikai Wei Kyle Wale Fuller has also been placed in the injury reserve list. Only one player per team can return from the injury reserve list.

Once the Emirates is again posted on the privilege label, it seems that Houston will continue to renew. In 2014, as a privileged label, his annual salary was 11.455 million US dollars (and before Houston argued that he is actually a defensive end, the annual salary of the privileged label should be $ 13.1 million).