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The official is suspended back, and the Brown is short to move into the Red District of Viking. After the two-stage strong rush, Brown quad-bidard Shaun Kase chose to take a picture of himself, 13-9 again! However, Viking people returned to the passing of multiple outside lines, and even advanced to the shooting distance before the end of the half. Kick Kay - Fubas Shot.

The Seattle Hawks Star Safety Safety told the NFL official website called himself "good", you can go to the field, before Sunday afternoon, he has tested high-strength training at the Phoenix University Stadium to test yourself before the knee. Qifusler got the head of Pete Carroll in this training. Team Medical Group and Defense Coordinator Dan Quinn).

When fighting off the ball, everyone has to flutter to the ground, the ball controlled within a range, while protecting their own to live, but also protect the lives of the ball not to be taken away opponents.

Continued knee injury has not entered the list of players in two consecutive games. But now he is finally welcoming the first show in the competition of the Mingnesota Weijing. On Friday, he expressed his excitement for the first time.

In the third quarter, it is also the first to score, but it is still a shot, and the Viking is a leader with this ball 15-13. Brown two rounds of attacking twice with a shooting, Wholesale Jerseys but only 3 points. Even so, Brown is still 16-15 against the score. Why can't you?

Of course, it may be difficult to see McCaymon's eye to participate in the game in the official competition. But in the training, he has begun to do this. This all-star running a photo of his own megadownloadtebiztebiztebiz. At the same time, he also said that he would continue to increase, and strive to run to 2000 yards this season.

In the course, the outside world is once suspected whether Besley still wants to play. At the beginning of August, Bisley was fined $ 500,000 due to the mysterious lack of 10 days of training camp. Bisley and Titan did not explain this.

When the open area face off the ball, we must first determine whether it can guarantee to pick up the ball, followed by advancing even touchdowns. When the ball is still rolling, to control their stride frequency and stride, ready to scoop up the ball down the center of gravity of the body.

Titan new aid of the hand-Wik Bisley: I hope that the team's defensive group is more comprehensive
After the fall of the Tennessee Titan players in the fall, the rushing hand Wik Bisley is ready to contribute to the team.

[Review of the event] There is a shocked danger to win the Brown Viking 33-16 to consolidate the north of the country
Beijing time on October 29th, 21:30, the last London tournament was started in the London Text. As a "home team", a "home team", a "home team", and the Warring States Tennapota Viking people.

Under control of the ball off the players should hold the ball with both hands, pressed tightly by the arm and in his stomach. Curled knee, try to pressure in his chest, make sure your feet, legs close together. At the same time, the players try to bow their heads, eyes closed and mouth to prevent people from fingers into the mask.

The actual game, even if a player has been brought under control off the ball, the opponent will still be pulled, trying to let it lose control of the ball again. At this time, the referee will whistle, and a layer Rendui poke at the referee in your ear makes you say it before, never let go, because the underlying Rendui, the referee could not see who got the ball , only to wait until the final judge confirmed before they can relax.

Eagle runs to Maiku Yisun
Philadelphia McCoy's All-Star Run, Lake, Lesean McCoy, led the entire alliance last season, so he will try some more challenging content this season, and you will try some more challenging content & mdash; & mdash Invoking to participate in training.

Entering the fourth quarter, the Viking people with leading advantages are not urgent, and most of the time is steadily advanced with pavement attacks. However, once the Viking decided to choose the long biography, it is not the number of large numbers, it is caused by Brown Interference. In the Red District Needr Rudolph showed his perfect footsteps, after the Bunnam passed the ball, the feet were perfect in the boundary, 30-16, and the Viking will further expand the difference!

In the defensive system of Chip Kelly, Glaham showed very amazing efficiency. This externality guards in PFF (Profootballfocus) scoring system, the average rumor score of each 100 units leads all of the league all sides. Previously, some media considered Glaham as one of the best 10 free players in this break.

Whether offensive or defensive, in the face off the ball should be positive up to compete. Control the ball is the most important prerequisite in a football game, in particular, need to instill a new concept.

How to improve the success rate of grab off the ball
When a player loses control of the ball, this is what we call "off the ball" (fumble), except the ball. Grab "off the ball" (fumble recovery) is a very important thing in a football game, both offensively group, group defense, special teams will need to exercise the skill, the opponent can snatch the ball or protect one's own offensive right. Especially in the crucial game, a successful challenge for the ball, can influence the situation in the game.