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The sea eagle wins the first attack, but it did not take the first attack in front of the eagle defensive, and the Travis Homer even was even made of Fletcher Cox. Fortunately, he will keep the ball for the Hawks. Then, the eagle also 3 files, Russell Wilson scorpion 22 yards manufactured tits, also ended Jason Miles (Jason Myers).

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NFL is already so reacted in the United States, it is difficult to imagine how much the degree of sharpness can be obtained. If the alliance is intended to continue to develop, they have to open up the market in other countries. The alliance is committed to doing this.

During the coaching Viking, Green strengthened the link between the team and the fan group. He created "Fans on Tuesday", players interact with the fans in this day. This concept is then followed by other teams.

Jason Garrett said in an interview with local media: "His worship is trying to continue recovery training while we have given him a plan. Probably in our playoffs After the game, he can participate in normal training after the game is played. The actual situation may have change, anyway, he is still cultivated. "

McCaden once earned himself "feel quite good" earlier this week, but the team gave him a return plan to come slowly. Stephen Jones, Executive Vice-Chair, said: "I hope that when he returns to 110%, let him return. Because his past injury experience is a bit, he is more urgent to return to the venue. However, there is only 90% of the extent to 90%. In this case, there is nothing benefit to play. So he can now participate in normal training, but we are more cautious. "

McCadon will start training after the first week of the season
Dallas Deni Run Dalun McFadden (Darren McFadden) has never participated in the formal training of the team. It can only be made to do some simple running exercises on the field. Previously, McFaden said that if the results of this Saturday will resume training, Wholesale jerseys but it seems that his calf injury has not fully recovered.

If the game is held in Mexico, the location will be Mexico City. In 2005, NFL has held a regular season there, attracting more than 100,000 fans. If the competition is held in Germany, the location option has Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt or burger.

Lions next week's home game against the Green Bay Packers, the winner will be locked countries of North championship playoffs. The last hours against the package, Stafford came 385 yards, 3 touchdowns, 1 steals, Han Fu Lions 24-27.

Soon after the first half, Wenz determined that it would not return to the competition, and the eagle is difficult to enter the end area, and only 3 points can be recovered with any racket. But D.K. 53 yards in Matcalf (D. Metcalf) make the sea-eagle light speed expanded, and only the eagle that can continue to play the eagle that seems to have not returned. Tre Flowers's pass interference commissioned a 39 yaw of the eagle, but then Maiju was killed twice, and the last time Claien directly failed to send the opponent's strong hope. After the Eagle was suspended 3 times, the Hawie 17-9 took the final victory.

"Bears game and coming out throwing itself that steals the bad." Stafford said. "Most of the time, your decision will determine the level of effectiveness of the attack, most of the time only a thin so little."

Stafford past three games came only 1 touchdown, but "harvest" 4 steals, and life and death battle Packers soon, Stafford condition is very critical. He brings to the injury gloves and inconvenience without complaint, and said he told reporters on Wednesday when the "do not believe your fingers can cause big problems."

Green, who died in July 2016, led Virgin to obtain the National World District champion, and entered the National World Championship 2 times. In 1998, Weijing offensive group was one of the best in the league, with a total of 556 points, averaging 34.8 points, and set up the league record at the time.

David Moore's 38-yard ball promotion made the sea eagle to attack the top 5 yaw of the eagle end zone. Although Jacob Hollister was sent 5 yards, DEREK BARNETT, DEREK BARNETT, rudely collided, letting this 5 yards were fined back. Masshawn Lynch, Marshawn Lynch, returned from retired 5 yards, completed Deta, Hawks, 10-3 leaders.

McCaun pushed the team to the Haiying 26 yard line, but the subsequent offensive advanced, but reverse two yards. The eagle didn't do anything, Jake Elliott, 46 yards, 46 yards. The total number of four-dimensional satellite rights in this playoffs were completed 5 times, and the 21 yards were promoted. Defensive Demold Braham Braham Departure due to knees injury.

[Event Review] Guo Lianyai Card: Defensive Group completed 7 times, Haiying 17-9 Eagle
The last outer card was held in the Hawks and the eagle two birds. Both sides are scarred, and there are important players to determine absence. This ticket that enters the partition wheel will not take it too easy.