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In the challenge of Buffalo Bron, Huo Yers, the passage of Hoyel was passed by the other party, and it can be seen that the two can be understood from the route running. Deviation. Gordon also took the initiative to represent the responsibility of the mistake in himself, due to its own route running error. Gordon said that the team's current tactical code and Cheap Jerseys the code at the season's training camp were completely different, and he was still not adapted.

Brown star takes over Gordon is still in the competition.
Cleveland Brown Stars take over Josh Gordon receiving an interview with an interview that he still did not have a good integration into the team attack. Gordon This season was banned from the ban on the ban on the ban. After the 11th week, Gordon has not been able to produce chemical reactions with the quartz Weon-Hoyer.

Qi Shi said: "I like the current offensive system very much. I like the current wide area attack, and the trot is true. A coach has told me that the offensive system must meet the four-point guard in the team, I think this is also a department. Kirk Cousins ​​is good at. "

Ram New Xiu Robinson will play multiple locations on the offensive front line
Greg Robinson, the San Lusi Robinson, will serve as an offensive cutout and striker at the same time. Robinson mainly is mainly based on the position of the cut, and of course, multi-art will certainly add a lot. He acknowledged that it is a bit difficult to play 2 locations.

This season, 49 people were first missed in 2011. Hubble has entered the playoffs 3 times, including a super bowl final and 2 national affiliate championships, of course, the last season is a relatively disappointed The 8 wins and 8-loaded farm, Hubble's total record during 49 people was 49 wins and 22 lightens 1 flat.

Derk Carl's new contract will be completed before the first week
The Auckland raid at the 2014 draft selection conference was obviously wise, and now the team needs to leave this young quarter-off with long-term contracts.

In the two games in the backup, Gordon was transmitted by up to 29 times, but he only took 15 times, he called himself to continue to learn the new system of the team, he also believed that he could play with Hoyel. Into a tacit understanding.

Before the ravese, there was a left apartment, Jake Long, and the rodger saffold, due to injury, is now recovery. Although these two seem to have participated in the third game in the preseason in Cleveland, Robinson is still the main combat.

This season, the rise of Dallas cowboy made all the fans did not have, after a wave of 11 games, they became the first team that determined the seasons seats, this game cowboy as long as she can win the giant, they can In advance, the head name of the United States and Liandong District will ensure the first round of the first round of the season, and the home advantage of the playoffs. The rookie four-point guards Prescot became the first new show player in the history of NFL in 5 consecutive games and did not have been copied. And the rookie running Wei Yezer-Airot currently ran alliances with a 1285-yard road surface, and he also got the 12th rush of the twice in parallel.

After 49 people defeated Arizona, the last game of Arizona was over the season, and the NFL media announced that Hubble is about to leave 49 people. The final Hubble was given a game, and accepted the bathing of Jia Ze, which seems to be a carnival, but the 49 people players know that this is the end of everything.

The New York Giants won six in the past 7 games, temporarily got the outer card seat of the National Fame season. The New York Giants are also the only team who defeated Dallas Cowboy this season, in the first week of the first week, 20-19 distinctive denim. The team strong Guranton-Collins is an important player of the rise of the giant defensive group. He has won 94 times in this season, leading the entire team. And he is also the only player who can take at least 3 kills (3) and 3 times this season.

This is also in line with the hopes of Mike Zimmer to maintain the unity of offensive. Qi Mo said that he thinks that Viking's current attack is the most explosive form in seven years, and hopes to maintain a consistent offensive concept in the future.

Robinson joined the ram in the Auben University for 2 seasons, and he is the second young player in the training camp. Young is his advantage, he will gradually mature in the original position, but it seems that he is also ready to serve as two positions.

This week, Sunday, continue to come to Guandong District, cowboy will go far from New York to challenge the enemy giant that has not yet defeated this season. The giant is currently being leading the game of the country, and I want to continue to consolidate my own advantage. In this game, this game will not be lost.