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Ramar Jackson left a deep impression on the patriot
According to the NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, after two weeks ago, the Patriots were deeply attracted by Jackson's ability to be Jackson's ability to receive Lamar Jackson. Although there is a sound question Jackson to adapt to NFL, this should not be a problem for the Bill Belichick.

Clark Hunt, Chairman Clark Hunt, is a team of team. He lifted a dramatic cup to fans. Many fans present in the emirate were not born in many fans in the super bowl of championship. "You can share this moment with you is the experience I will never forget," Hunt said.
Goodel: NFL will work hard to help Antonio - Brown
At the press conference held on Wednesday, Cheap Nfl jerseys Chairman Roger Guardell said that alliances are doing every effort to help the outside of Antonio-Brown (Antonio Brown).

The sea eagle is specially born for the media.
Seattle Hawks defended Director Michael Bennett is just a defense! The entire event will become generally reflected, and the fun of standing 5 minutes by the inner special world is more than 10 years old by the Patriots player.

This news not only deepens Jackson and patriots, but also make Jackson's possibility of being taken away in the first round. In addition to Jackson, the most attractive five-point guards of this year also include Josh Allen, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield and Josh- Josh Rosen. These five people may be taken away before the patriots are signed (23). The teams that are not in the top ten but still have quadruple demand include Dolphins (11), Bill (12), Ramp (15), Crow (16), Lightning (17), Bill (22).
Two weeks ago, Bennet said that the current defense of the Haiying team is the best in this age. Yesterday, the reporter also questioned this Nette, and whether the defense of the Haiying team was strong enough to take back Pedon Manning and Tom Brady in two years. "It's all right, we are like the Virgin Mary and Marilyn Monroe, quite cool." When Bridi, Bente also compared Braddy and the American captain, think he is like this. heroic figure.

He wants to say a famous singer to the Super Bowl in the super bowl show, he likes the team's defensive coordinator Dan-Kuil (Dan Quinn) only because Quinn often in the major competition four feet. Chartian. And when he was asked, Jackson, Tyson, who was the greatest Michael in Jordan, he did not think about the name of Bente.

In the voices of the fans "MVP", quartervana PATRICK Mahomes published a championship. "When I started your career in Kansas City, the first thing I did to do was to bring Ramar Hunter Cup to Kansas City, bringing back to this team," Mahms said. "The second important thing I want to do is to win Long Badi Cup for the greatest coach Andy Rid (Andy Reid)."

Goodel said: "According to the current situation in Antonio, I think the most important thing is to consider his mental health. It is necessary to understand what he has experienced. We generally do not discuss the player's health problem in public cases, but NFL and NFLPA provide a lot of players. Resources, Antonio will also get this. We hope to help him return to the right track, let him retrieve the confidence in life. We also believe this will have an effect. The first step is to make sure we work hard to help him. "

Participating in the parade not only has a chief player, coach and team, and some players who have won the superbown champion for the chief. These include line Wili-Lenier and Bobby Bell. The two did not participate in the super bowl at the time, because the two were prepared for the AFL All-Star game in Houston.

Kansas City Chief Have Super Bowl Winning Parade and Celebration
The cold temperature and the blessing cold wind did not block a large number of Kansas City Chief Fans participated in the team's first super bowl of championships in the past 50 years.

Brett Veach, General Manager, mentioned the toughness of the chief. They have been defeated in three consecutive games. "The most tough people are the chief fans, right? You wait for 50 years, this is what you have," he said.

Brown was issued on the week of the movement of the driver of the moving company, after he was surrendered to the police. Paying 100,000 US dollars after bailing, he is released from prison, but it is strictly supervised.