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Teno Valoa is misplaced in the hips in the game of Femini Sicipi State University on November 16. He then immediately accepted the surgery and he had been rehabilitation. The team team did not express the ESPN to the mid-February to recover from mid-February until a certain time is not possible before Spring.

In 17 weeks, it is lost to the wild horse, and Lawson uses the helmet as a weapon in the battle and is also banned. He has been banned from the ban on the performance of drug policies due to violation of the alliance.

Kerry has taken the first 10 hornwei for the past two years, and the first horn of Horn, which is also defeated at Denzel Ward or Greedy Williams. In 16 games, Kerry started 6 times, completed 52 times, once killed, 4 times destroyed the ball, once a copy, forcing the ball. Due to the salary, Brown cut him and spatially 6 million US dollars.

Steelman runs James - James Conner, the fourth consecutive lam yoke, the 24th shocked ball won 107 yards, 7 times, 56 yards, 1 time to help the steel people Four consecutive wins. This also makes the steel man more and smaller about Leveon Bell.
Although they may not need all people to defeat the fashionable ram, the Falcon hopes that the league is the hardest-defensive external connector to play. Although the toes injured in the game competition, Jones took the 113 yards 7 times.

[Event Review] Mei North Civil War, Steel Man 23-16 鸦, harvesting four consecutive victories
Beijing November 5th, the steel man away revenge, 23-16 defeated the crow. After this round, the steel man 5 wins and 2 losses 1 flat collar, and the records fell to 4 wins and 5 losses.

Interestingly, Joining Melvin Gordon in the offset season, Melvin Gordona, I also believe that the offensive system of the wild horse is more suitable for him. It is worth noting that the Denver Media has previously reported that the wild horse management believes that Gordon Binlin is more suitable for Shumer's system.

In Tenoloa injured and determined that the NFL TV reporter Ian Rapople interviewed 5 NFL team executives. They said that they still expect Teng Ovaro. In the first round, it is selected in the first sixteen position.

Lawson is a four-wheeled show, and left Detroit after playing five years. Signing with the raid in the spring last year. He gave a total of 11 games for the raid, and the first five games were completed 24 times, and the ball was destroyed 5 times.

7. The rickets were officially signed a year contract with the MAX Garcia and the offensive cutaugue Mark Gilbert (MARCUS Gilbert). Garcia's contract is $ 1.25 million, including $ 600,000 security. Gilbert's contract is $ 1050,000, including $ 150,000 security, but counts up to $ 3.75 million after a bonus.

But we can't overlook the possibility of this neglect of the forest game, and people who look at him in the first two years have proven to be wrong. The third-grade running guards have made the team's main running guards every season.

Telling people who don't know, toes injury caused by turbulent reasons will usually make the players at least one week. As an external hand, actually, Jones, to endure the strap, accelerate and stop in each offense to change, accelerate, and emerges & mdash; & mdash; for a team who hopes to play in the season's surplus competition is not ideal. Condition. Seeing Quintu is not very surprising.

In the first two years before his career, Lin Sai got the performance of the rush to break the thousand code in two different offensive coordinators. Nowadays, he believes that he will be more suitable for the new attack coordinator Pat Shurmur.

Tengo Valoa became the focus of all the best in the day. In the National Championship of the University of Georgia, he led the team to win the team with the identity of the four defense. Later, he defeated Jalen Hurts to get a first position, and he has achieved a total of 76 times in the last two seasons, and only 9 passes were copied. In the 2018 Hesman award selection, his ticket is ranked second.

Confused the crow offensive group, never pushed the ball into the end area, four times into the red zone only got up to 1 time, the rest can only be played on Justin Tucker, Tucker Score (23 yards, 23 yards, Wholesale Jerseys 37 yards, respectively), respectively.

After receiving the buttock surgery, Tengomeloa met with the media to talk about his future, he said, whether it is for staying school or a reference to consider "risks and rewards". At that time, he said that he would be expected to be "difficult to let go of the opportunity" in the top ten or the first fifteen position.

Alabama University quartz 卫 阿 欧欧洛a announced to participate in the draft
It is considered to be a popular player Alabama University 4-purpose 4-purpose 卫 阿 欧 t阿 (Tua Tagovailo) will give up the four seasons and participate in the NFL draft.

"I think it will be easier for us to learn," Lin Shi said. "I think the style will be more radical. I think this is in line with my style, I have always adapted to each style attack, but I think this style is suitable for me, almost like my rookie season. I am excited. "