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Titan took over Heaten again
Tennessee Titan loses people this week, in the game of the Carolina Black Leopard, the young external hand Justin Hunter, will absent all the remaining competitions in the 2015 season.

In most of the season, Brown's main line guards are B.j. Guceson (B. J. Goodson) and Malcolm Smith. The contracts of these two are also coming. Despite intentional stay in Smith, Brown next season may have a completely different line guard.

Considering his spherion, Emrmison was originally considered to be a temporary substitution of Patrick Peterson, which would be a non-two-handed part of Robert Alford. However, the team seems to transfer the center of gravity to the two-wheeled Shi Lon-Murphy and the old Trummein BROCK.

Bill take over the fracture of the bone bone bone in Bill
US Time in the afternoon, Bier took over Cole Beasley, told reporters that he was played in three playoffs in the state of the fracture of the tibia.

David's all 9 years have spent the pirate. If he eventually enters the free player market, he will not miss the home. Pirate coach Bruce Alianz (Jason Licht) expressed Hope to retain David, but in view of the pirates, many key players will expire, they may Can't do this.

According to informed people, Brown deliberately signed Tampawan pirate lines to upgrade the defensive group of Lavonte David. David won 117 hugs last season, 1.5 times, 1 copy, 3 times forced the ball and twice to grab the ball right. According to the professional football focused network data, last season David's total score ranks fifth, pass the ball defensive score ranking alliance sixth.

According to NFL official website reporters, Hunt will experience a long recovery period, which is the second serious injury he encountered after experiencing kidney injury. At this game, he completed 4 batches in front of the injury, and pushed 47 yards. As a team of No. 4, Hurat hit the main injury, and completed 22 battles during this season, the 264 yard is accompanied by anger.

The original defensive coordinator Todd Bowles will be very likely to accept the work of the main coach, and the vacancies left by the position have made the red tones have to start acting in the coach market. . Insatiscically, Le Bo is very interested in the red tones. It is that he took the initiative to contact Arianus to make that conversation. At the same time, the red scitch is also happy to make further transformation and upgrades on the powerful defensive group.

Former steel person defensive coordinator is expected to join the red tones
Pittsburgh steelman defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau announced last week to leave the steel man, although there is a rumor that he will choose to retire, but Le Bo clearly denied this saying in the interview. A few days later, Lebury's trend once again became the focus of attention. Pittsburgh local media revealed that Lebo has got in contact with Arizona Red Coltar, Bruce Arians, and he is very able to appear again in the race in the next season.

Nfl official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the Brown plans to sign with the Auckland raid according to the informed people, and the contract was 66 million US dollars, including $ 36.75 million full guarantee income. The two sides have reached a consensus, and the details of the contract remain to be improved. It is expected that Brown will officially join the raid when the free player's signing period officially begins.

Bisley returned to the outer card of the pigma, completed 7 batches, and pushed 57 yards. The three playoffs, Bisley completed 15 batches, promoted 145 yards, 97 times in the season, pushed 1112 yards, 4 times.

The 25-year-old Brown left cut and the right trip can be used, and the high salary of the raid means he will serve as the left. His arrival will allow the raid to move last year's first-round show to the right side of Miller.

Cleveland Buron Interested Tampawan Pirate Line Wei Wa Vertit - David
Since March 15, the cheap nfl jerseys from china team will be able to touch other team contracts that are about to expire. Cleveland Bridge now has a favorite goal.

Although both parties are interested in this cooperation, Le Bo is still willing to accept interviews of other teams. At present, the only thing we can determine is that Lebo will continue to be a defensive coordinator to fight the 2015 season.

Signing Brown, coupled with the previous trading to get an external connector Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown), the raid is upgraded the offensive group, which allows them to have a huge progress on the basis of 4 wins last year.