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After the last season shows your talents, Rose felt dissatisfied with their own appearances this season. After the first week of competition 56, Ross fell to 28th in the second week, and he did not even enter the list of appearances in the third to fifth week. He only played 1 gear attack in the game competition of the Indiana Polis.

Since his career has been 60%, the success rate of his pass is 60%, and it has completed 79 times of 69 cases of copy. Recently, the results of 20 games were 2 wins and 18 negatives, completed 29 reachaes and 24 times. cut.
They subsequently in accordance with the time limit of the dices, and people who played other team general managers will propose transaction quotes to Meek through the phone and responsible for the choice of their respective simulation teams.

The new season New York jet became his new east, and it seems that he will be the bridge of the team's new quarter to success. US time on Thursday, Maiju accepted an interview notes: "The reason why I am recruited, because I need me to become a young quarter-off bridge."

This season was originally considered to be critical to Ross, and after the Tiger refused to implement his fifth year contract option, this season became his rookie contract for the last year. But so far, Ross that lacks the opportunity to play how much excellent play.

NFL TV reporter Mike Garafolo reported that Ross has asked Cincinnati to leave his team. Rose's brokers have begun to negotiate with Tigers on a possible transaction, but these negotiations have not been a deeper stage.

"This makes us have the opportunity to build a permanent venue in Auckland," said Mark Davis, Mark Davis. "This makes us determine the battle in Auckland next season, and at the same time can be flexible in two seasons."

Ryan is the fastest quarter-off of Taylor's speed. In all the actual four-point guard, the only 40-yard results in the body test camp were more than 4 seconds 51 fast quarter-free quadruptions in Robert Griffin III, and in the final stage of the rookie season After injury, Griffin looks so fast before him. At the time of Joe FLACCO, Taylor made a stunning performance while Taylor's play ran ran, which made the crow let Taylor will win the center in the wild cat formation, which makes Fla The department is annoyed.

NFL TV reporter Michael Silver reported that the raids reported that the raids made Meek to participate in some draft training, these practice is to help Mski can make a quick decision under pressure in the first draft.

Demales - Thomas feels yourself return youth
Beijing July 10th is 30 years old. It is a spree in the state of running. Although this is not so severe, it is like Demaryuis Thomas, which feels that he returns to youth. See.

"I have been playing for a long time after 30 years old," Thomas said, "I feel that I can still continue to make a good performance for several years. I have said before, now I feel the best when I feel the whole career. The most restricted hip The injury feels no longer exists. "

But Taylor has never proven that he is a NFL level. In the limited time for Fraco substitute, his pass success rate is 54.3%, and he did not get a pass to reach, there were 2 passes Copy. Cassell and another Bill quadruple EJ-Mantund is better than Taylor. Bill's first week, it will take a lot of risks that have not proved their own quadrant.

Rose created a 4-second 22 record in the 40-yard sprint body test before the election, so he was once thought that the long-distance advanced speed was completed with a rare speed, and hit the opponent in the long attack. However, since the selection of Selection in 2017 was selected, Rose's career was suffering from the pain. He only completed a total of 51 battles in his career, and his career was completed in his last season, 506 yards were obtained.

But perhaps Lian is willing to take such a risk, in theory, Bill needs to rely on their defensive group and the squid attack, Taylor is the best helping to help this. If Taylor becomes a starter at the beginning, Kasale is not surprised.

Exposure Bill 4-point Wei Taylor is Read More Listed here favored by the coach
Buffalo has introduced two new quarters in this year, and they traded Matt Cassel and signed Tyrod Taylor. Most people think that Kastel iron is starting, Taylor came to the team, was served. But reality may not be the case.

Buffalo Local media reported that Bill coach Lex Ryan (Rex Ryan) was more preferred in Taylor and Kassel, which reported that Ryan had already wanted to coach Taylor for a long time and before the new York jet I hope the team gets Taylor. Ryan said Tales is the fastest quarter-free NFL speed. He believes that Taylor can change the game with speed.

Considering that Mei Jike was in the past 15 years in the NFL TV network instead of being responsible for the draft, the arrangement of the raid is reasonable. According to Hilverd, they will continue to hold several such analog drafts before the draft.