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Brown announced that it is trimming the defensive cut-off Phil-Taylor
On Tuesday, Cleveland Branda announced that it was referending the defensive cut-Taylor. As the first round of 2011, Taylor is in the brown effectiveness for 4 seasons. According to NFL official website reporters, Brungee retreat is the cause of his injury. The front line player can get 5.47 million US dollars this season.

At the same time, there is a rumor South California has been in contact with Kelly, trying to invite the Kelly coaching team next season. Recently, Kelly said when he was interviewed: "I have never tried to find a university coach position, which is where I want to stay."

Although I experienced a wave of 4 losers in the early stage of the race, I took over Alshon Jeffery with the career bowl. The Chicago Bear team recently ushered in recovery. As of the week, the third, the third anti-transmission score of the League, the third, the ranking of the League, the third, the ranking of the League, will become a weapon to curb lightning. Although lightning is in the league ground anti-running capability (Ranked 26), the Bear's ground offense will become very difficult due to the injury of Matt Forte. Despite the good hands of Martellus Bennett, the lightning power of lightning is relatively strong. The entire offensive group of the bear team will be greatly tested in this game. The defensive general McPhee may be absent because of knee injury, this is undoubtedly a sunny day to the bear team. If the game can't fight, there is difficult to avoid it.

Calais - Campbell is one of the most underrated players in the league, he has contributed over the years with excellent performance has never played in the Pro Bowl this week's game, he contributed a difficult steals.

2 wins and 6 losses, although the ball is bright before the beginning of the season, nearly surrounded by a wave of four-game losers to let the team become the bottom of the United Jehcy West, and the promotion playoff only theoretical possibilities. The four-point guard "Great River" Philip & Middle; Philip Rivers) last week to break 300 yards, 8 games were transferred from 2753 yards to 18 reachaes and 7 times of copying, 300 games + The "Da River" of the code, this year will launch a strong impact to the code king. Because of the number of the number of the number of the team, Keenan Allen season reimbursement, Stevie Johnson and Malcum & Middot; Malcom Floyd will get more At the chance of catching, but the third bear guilty of the League is facing a huge challenge. The rookie runs to Melwen & Middot; Melvin Gordon did not reach the height of the team after the start of the season, but it was good in the lightning main coach Mike & Middot; Mike McCoy was still trusting Gordon. This game, facing the fifth poora team of the League Reware, Gordon will serve as the task of being destroyed in the city of Lightning on Lightning Ground with Wood Hainhead.

Huntley led attempt to strike back, but was stopped by Bill defense group in the red zone. After the punt defense, the Ravens punt violations collision hand, Bill give away the first attack. Bill walked table to win the final victory.

However, the first half both teams offensive team can not find the rhythm, even the SWAT team are difficult to score. Ravens kicker Justin - Tucker (Justin Tucker) rarely missed two free kick, Sam - Cork (Sam Koch) is a punt 23 yards to the Bill free kick opportunity.

Ninth Zhou Monday Night Tournament: Bear @ Lightning
The regular season enters the next half, in addition to the top-name competition has entered the white heat, the competition of "champion bowl" has become more intense. The last MNF game this week, the San Diego lightning that has been lost will be held at the home Qualcomm Stadium to meet the recent recovery but the record is still worrying.

Cardinals coach Bruce - Arians (Bruce Arians) angrily said in an interview after the game: "I have a coach for 37 years, and this is the dirtiest I've ever seen in action, I've never seen this play before . I know the way - John Fox (John Fox) is a good coach, but they are the team someone has to accept the punishment of a fine. "

Campbell is injured during a pass impact, was standing across from him Broncos tight end Julius - Thomas (Julius Thomas) and left tackle Ryan - Crediton (Ryan Clady), who as a cover for Thomas Campbell had a dangerous lower body block, a direct result of Campbell out of the race. Then Thomas also was whistled for a foul, fouled out Broncos 15 yards before the touchdown was canceled.

Crow tried to tie the game, their immediate concern was Bill 9 yards line, but then the accident. Bill cornerback Tallon - Johnson (Taron Johnson) Jackson steals the ball, and directly back to attack 101 yards a touchdown, which is tied for the longest postseason steals return touchdowns. Bill 17-3 lead.

Cardinals coach angrily Broncos players to play dirty
This week's game, read the Arizona Cardinals on the road to 20:41 defeat to the Denver Broncos. Competition Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell - (Calais Campbell) knee was injured in the game, after testing the knee medial collateral ligament sprain, is expected to miss 2-4 weeks time.