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The 37-year-old Kazawne will become the oldest master coach in NFL history, and his contract with dolphins is 5 years. Jiazawa received an interview: "I started to do this from 18 years old. This is half of my life. In the past three years I am still progressing, age is just a number, people will always be old."

The new England Patriots currently rejoits the list of 7 wins and 1 loss, from the main four-point Wei Tom-Braddy, after the team gains 4 consecutive victories. Braddy played stable after returning, but also made him a powerful compete for the most valuable players this season. In the last game, Braddy came out of 315 yards and 4 passes to the ball, and the passed score was as high as 137.0. After he has been re-replenishing, the average passed the ball is as high as 133.9, and the first throne of the league is sitting. The close-end Pander of the defending Patriot - Bente and Https://Maps.Google.Co.Kr/Url?Q=Http://Wiki.Hrw-Fablab.De/Index.Php?Title=Benutzer:Adrienenan8 Patriot Another near-end Edble - Gronoski became the most killed air weapon of this season, two It has been teamed up to contribute to 886 yards and 7 buses. The full-fired patriot, sitting on the town fox, and the sea eagle is more fierce.

The 49th Super Bowl of the two teams will meet this week, or the familiar opponents are still familiar, and the lineup of the two teams is different from two years ago. There is no change. Two old handsome remembered again, fighting Zhi, is the old fox skills, or the old urchin counterattack is successful? The dialogue between the three alliances of the first-class neighborhood will also become the biggest highlight of this game.

Although Coleman was appointed as the first week of the first week, the competition of the team's number race has not yet ended. Fremman still has the opportunity to express itself through the performance of themselves is the best ground attack hand of the team. During the preseason, Coleman held a ball in the last two weeks, and won the 58 yards. With the joining of Kyle Salunan (Kyle Shanahan), the Falcon's ground offensive is widely optimistic. Although the offensive front line is still struggling, the team can be confident in the regional cover system.
Seattle Hawks also fight Bill, currently ranked first in the country with 5 wins and 2 losses. The best red district murder Jimmy-Glaham finally returned this season, last week to the Bier Defensive Group, Glaham ruined the death of 103 yards and twice. Finally and Wilson have a chemical reaction to the company, and the opposing of the two top close-end strings will be launched. The Hawks Anti-Farm Clever-Afril has won 9 times in the season, and the League is the third. The Afril state is just right, and this season is expected to break through the self, and the number of kills will reappear.

Bill and Quartz Swan - Allen Recycling for 6 years
US time, according to ESPN reporters, Bill and Quartan Sanshi Alan will continue for 6 years, with a total salary of $ 258 million, of which 150 million US dollars are guaranteed.

"We are very excited to make Hurope lifelong fatigue in the falcon," The team boss Arthur Blank "is expressed in the statement. "Huri has established one of his career, he has settled the number of teams in the top of the team. I am very proud of his achievements. He just played his own. potential."

Devonta Freeman was originally seen as a team's first running guard, but he missed all the preseason for the injury in the leg glute. Although Fremman said in an interview with an interview, he has returned to 90%, but his injuries still affected his plan this season.
Allen is the first round of the first round in 2018, which is also the cornerstone of Bill's next time. The team has performed the fifth annual contract option in Allen before, showing the sincerity of renewal.

Allen's performance was ranked second in the MVP voting. He passed forward 4544 yards, reached 37 times, and both created team records. At the same time, Allen also led Bill to win the first partition champion since 1995 and entered the United States. Compared with the 2019 season, Allen's performance has a significant progress: the transfer rate is increased from 58.8% to 69.2%, and the passenger ratings are raised from 85.3 to 107.2.

Falcon announced that Colemann will become the first week
Atlantan Femplay will fight against the Philadelphia eagle on Monday night, the team hopes that the Tevin Coleman can play a more important role. The head coach Dan Quinn announced on Tuesday in local time, and Coleman will serve as a first week.

Cordon has played 69 games for the Hawks, and 51 were first, completed 153 times, pushed 2109 yards, reached 11 times. He has completed 6 games for the sea eagle in the playoffs, with Doug Baldwin and the history of Haiying's history.

Jones and Dallas denim came out Dez Bryant, Denver's wild horse took over Demarryius Thomas, became the top outer junction of the big contract in this summer. Jones's $ 47 million security income is slightly Bryant ($ 45 million) and Thomas ($ 43.5 million). Cincinnati Mason's outer junction A.j. A.j. Green's broker now feels very confident.