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De Shaun Jackson told multiple players who will return to Philadelphia
Washington Red Leather External Through Denen Jackson and the team's contracts are at least to end March next year, but this outer junction has been causing hope to tell everyone that he will return to Philadelphia.

Sea Various Hand Clailney: Focus on the game, not consider the contract
Jadeveon Clowney is already one of the important rushing power of Hawks. He has been in the outside, and the total 44 compulsive is completed. 32 times prompted four-dimensional fast forward, 9 times quartz Impact, 3 times.

Previously, the concerns of the front line seven people have been covered by a series of injuries that have been affiliated with second-line defense, which causes the little horse to sign an old free player who is not interested in other 31 teams.

On Monday, US Eagle's defensive Did-Braham told us the same news, he said: "For Jackson, it seems very happier, I am also very happy to He seems to have never left, everyone here knows him, although it is unpleasant in the middle, but he is a good person. "

Claien was labeled with Texas in the snorkeling season. He also signed the label contract. At present, the Hawk pays the salary of this contract. Whether he stays in Seattle, the amount of the next contract will be very considerable.

The number one corner Von Tower - Davis Davis is expected to be absent from 2 to 3 weeks due to the medulla of ankle. As the only professional bowl level player in the pony defensive group, his lack is a big blow. Another first corner guard Patrick Robinson was injured in the inguinal in the previous season.

3. Recently, the Social Media announced the decision decision by social media in the 2018 season for defensive defenders, Ron Parker, announced the decision decision through social media on Monday. Parker is effective for chiefs for 6 years, and his career has also played in the black panther and the sea eagle. It has played 105 games, and the first 78 games were first completed, 11 times, 48 ​​times destroyed passed, 8 times .

Despite the effectiveness of Arizona, the rebound performance was obtained when the Salason's red rook in the 2014 season, Croomati got a 4-year $ 32 million contract, but he declare his jet last season. One of the extensive exercise capabilities is a lot slower last season, and the four-point guardian points can reach 112.0 when the opponent passes the ball.

If this is not bad enough, the corner Darius Butler is injured in the anti-pharmaceutical array. Last year, the three-round Xi Jon-Smith (D & # 39; Joun Smith) was in a serious knee injury in the rookie season, and he repeatedly in the recovery process, he could only return to training.

Crawn said: "Now I care about the game for the eagle. There are many players to fight, I hope to focus on the season itself. I don't care too much after the future, one game played a game We have the likely to complete special achievements & hellip; & hellip; this is what I am now focusing, helping the team, trying to enter the playoffs, and enter the super bowl. "

Lugz ranked 28 times in the game last season, of which the longest reached 54 yards, and Wholesale Jerseys in addition to the 63-time DarenAdda, he hit 52 times. In the three seasons of the effect of the Saint, Lusse's hit rate increased year by year. His career has reached 87.0%, the highest history.

Hopkins said: "No one likes to hear these things happened. Houston has always supported me, supporting my team. So I think, I must return them & hellip; & hellip; I can do the shortcomings, This is not possible to save the lives, I am not for my own reputation, just want to do what I can do.

Summary: Saint Wire Wei Alono knee front cross ligament torn
In the National Owner-Outer Cards lost to Viking, the injuries of Kiko Alonso (Kiko Alonso) were still continuing, and this development became the most unwell situation.

4. Viking five-point Wei McKunzi-Alexander is slightly torn on the side of the half-month, and is currently accepting medical treatment to determine whether it is necessary to receive surgery. It is expected that the results will be obtained within the next 24 hours.

Hopkins announced on its instagram that will donate the salary check (290,000 US dollars) of Saturday cards to Barns, which is used to assume funeral costs, and hope to catch the guns as soon as possible.

Texas people take over Hopkins to shoot the girl's family donation for shooting
Texas people take over De Andre-Hopkins will donate their own seasonal salary checks to help family members of the 7-year-old girl killed in the shot.

Jazmine Barnes and her mother were involved in the Sunday, Jia Simin was killed, her mother was hurt. The local police station said that the shooting did not have a specific goal, and the gunner's identity is unknown.