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The three children's mothers started the referee when accompanying their own brothers to hold the referee when they have held the conference of people who wish to punish the rugby game. At that time, Thomas was the only woman in the conference room, but he was not the only female in the NFL training.

At least from last year, Vlabel was seen as a potential assistant coach. When the team coach position was shortaged, his name was mentioned more than once. Now, from Houston to Tennessee, he leads a team that once belongs to Houston.

Last season he was really able to run the ball up the floor, but too much off his question, crab legs first event, after a sexual assault investigation, coupled with the poor attitude of training camp, at least these are not satisfied with the team of.

But from the game in front of the game, Bryant's ability to drop a lot. But he himself declares the data into a tactical arrangement of denim garbage. And the denim uniform group firmly believes that Bryant's body function is the main reason because of the injury in the 2015 season.

The first day before Svon, the bear offensive cut off the tie, the team and the team renewied for 4 years. In the case of a new Xikdi Whitehair, it is very different in the case of Ted Larsen, the bear offensive front line and the last season look very different. This can reinvigo the flattened offensive group to be observed in the final season.

Recently the team quarterbacks coach admits Winston gradually charismatic, "He has natural leadership qualities, I worked with a lot of college quarterback, he is still a university student's age, but he can understand the people around, there great perception, whether it is or what his body language, in all that he ready to lead the team, he clearly knew that he was the first person here, he wants to lead everyone here. "

When the team is also concerned that when the young man to be the man to lead the team, the young man spend the season of 4000 yards passing, 28 touchdowns to help the pirates in December last year we have the opportunity to fight for the playoffs opportunity .

In the player's era, Frabir started his career in Pittsburgh, but he grew as an excellent player in the early 21st century. He joined the patriot in the 2001 season and won the team's first super bowl of championships, he has been working to patriots to the 2008 season, and two champions have been won during this period. He followed the last two seasons in the Kansas City. After retired, he returned to the alma mater, Ohio, began to coach career.

Before the denim, Bryant and Saint Signed a year
NFL TV reporter Ian Rapoport and Jane Slat revealed that DEZ BRYANT was signed with Saints for a year. Branet, who is now cut off in April this year: In 2014, he or a total of the alliance's all-star players, but after the data is signed with the denim, the data is sliding after the data is lost, and the next season will pick up the game There is no more than 900 yards.

The package worker cut off Weschon before finally launched, before the team tried to trade him. This decision of the packageman is surprised, because Sitton's $ 6.5 million salary in the new season has not taken a lot of space for salary caps.

For the bear team, Xilton makes them have a valuable, able to improve the first striker of the offensive front line. Since the best lineup of Weschon has not lacking the game since 2011, he consolidated the bear team offensive front line and should greatly helped the bear team's shock attack.

NFL discovers hopeful university referee, Thomas has been in this talent training program since 2013, although NFL has seen his potential before earlier. He was originally a part of the wholesale nfl jerseys referee training project, but in 2012, unexpected pregnancy means he had to return to the court.

Sarah Thomas became the first full-time female referee
According to the news released by the Baltimo Sun Daily, the former NCAA University Football USA Federation referee Sarah-Thomas (s pipeline) will become the first full-time female referee in NFL. A NFL spokesperson did not want to confirm the news, indicating that this year's referee lineup has not yet been fully established.

Objectively, Brines clearly can't get the same tactical status in cowboy before you get in the Saint Offense System, but if Bryinete can play a competitive state in the 2012-2014 season, for the Saint and Bris. The dream of chasing the second crown will get closer.

In theory, the referee during the 2012 season referee, Shannon Eastin is the first law enforcement NFL competition. But Thomas told ESPN in 2013 that breaking the barrier is not her reasons for her enforcement. "The key is that I have never thought of being the first, this didn't change," in 1996 began law enforcement competitions in Thomas. "I do this because I like it."

2016 season regular season seventh week Monday Night Temple @ 野马
The seventh week of the regular season will become a predecessor between the predecessor and the current, the number of people in the last season, the number of horses, the number of Barkes, Osville, will lead Houston Texas to return to the English tall court, who is Who will teach?