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Raiders offensive group stage again, Connor - Cook's short pass was the 2014 champion Lang Jed Vian - Kelao Ni (Jadeveon Clowney) damage, Ke Laoni himself firmly catch the ball, which is his career The first note of steals. Subsequently, the Texans running back Lamar - Miller (Lamar Miller) on the left side rushed the ball four yards easy touchdown, Texans 10: 0 lead. After the two teams were third gear out, Texans punt, the Raiders return man Jay - Richard (Jalen Richard) to get rid of tackles, back to attack 37 yards. Raiders running back 拉塔维厄斯 - Murray (Latavius ​​Murray) scored 18 yards red ball first, then successive red ball, punching the ball 2 yards final touchdown, to tie the Raiders 7:10.

The Jaguji continued to advance, from the dilemma of the Titan team in the third week, the jets were defeated through excellent defense. Doug-Marrone's defensive defense is very clever, and the overwhelming victory on Sunday is not completed by the CD and the murder. In fact, the American tiger did not deliberately create a ball shift, and they just killed the jets' offensive. The deficiency of this game is the injury of the offensive group and the injury to Leonard Fournette, and the latter is indeed a bit worrying. After all, the American Tiger does not want to let Brek Bortles and Patrick Mahomes in the next weekend. Patrick Mahomes.

Since entering the league in 2014, Donald is selected for professional bowls every season and has been selected for a while. He has obtained 148 hugs 39 kills, and 2 times becomes a defensive cut off for the total number of murder.

In an interview, Spagovolo said in the last season, that is, the information he learned in the first year of the Afensive Coordinator should be able to continue the steps of continuing from the second half of the season. .
Defensive cutaway Alon - Donald will not participate in the racing period training
Big Pen Announced the Los Angeles Rana in the next day, but the future of the team's best defensive player will continue to receive attention. According to NFL official website, Ian RapoPort reported that the defensive cuta-Donald is planning to absence the team's training.

If you think the race is not a super bowl of championship on Thursday night, or at least the level of the top team, then I have nothing to say. Of course, you can point out that Viking is also powerful (446 yards), but there are two points I have to indicate. The first is that Kirk Cousins ​​played his own ideas in this game, followed by corner, and the ram couldn't take the most powerful force. Marcus Peters still hurts, and his teammates Aquib Talib (AQIB Talib) is also unable to play. In addition, last week I said that Jared Goff on the team's forces and NFL NetWork may be the best fast player of the Alliance. Now, don't challenge his status. .

Last season, the Chief Defensive player spent some time to adapt to the defensive system of Spagovolo. But they have adaptable, progress is obvious. In the twelfth week, the chief field was 23.3 points in the twelfth week, so that the opponent advanced 375.3 yards, the shock promoted 143.1 yards. After the wheel is rounded, these data decreased to 15.9 points, so that the opponent advanced 318.6 yards, and the shock promoted 99.6 yards.

The chief defensive coordinator believes that the team's defensive group can continue progress
Despite the restrictions in this year, it is not possible to lead the training as usual, and Steve Spagnuolo, the Kansas City Emirates, Steve Spagnuolo, believes that the defensive group will continue to progress in the new season.

Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China TV reporter Tom Pelissero reported that Simlun was severely cut in the ankle in training on Wednesday, and then he accepted the needle treatment. Perri Riro also reported that preliminary diagnosis showed that Simlun had a big chance to play the next game, but they still collect information and are still cautious.

Donald has achieved the performance-level performance in the fourth season and therefore becomes the best defensive player in the alliance. In the case of only one year in the contract, he hopes to get a long. Donald tried to seek a new contract last year, he missed the team's season, until the regular season returned.

In addition to SHON, another external hand of Van Dig Digs (Stefon Diggs) was trained due to illness. Despite the coach zimmer denied Digs unable to play the next game, Viking's external connections may not reach 100%.

Sunday's victory proves that they can also guarantee defensive quality and victory outside the home court. When Sean Peyton saw Ted Ted Ginn Jr., he came out from the end of the side and then dropped the ball, his face could not help but be very embarrassed. I have no giant to get the ball in time. Pedon is very angry for the Gold and Special Series Coach Mike Vistawff, because they bring the offensive line back to the end of the saints. The offensive group immediately looked out of the teeth, Drew Brits first moved and passed on the close-up of his close-end, and took the first offense and brought the Saint. This lays the foundation for the 97-yard advancement and 33-18 leading.