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Signing Cleveland, with 49 people at the current close-end positions are related to injuries. The team started near-end farmers - Davis Davis injured the left ankle and knee in the match of the Chicago bear last week. This week he did not participate in any training. The replacement of near-end arms - McDonald (Vance McDonald) is injured in the right knee. Although McDonald is considered to participate in Sunday competition, the two are currently listed as "doubt."

Buffalo Bill signed the black panther defensive coach for the new season main coach
Although most people think that the temporary head coach Anthony Lynn will become the main coach of Buffalo, but it seems that the Bill Management Group has a new option.

Previously, McDonald has signed 49 people in the name of the new show, and completed the ball in the show. 49 people have a very understanding of him, so when the team needs, he will recruit him in the first time. Currently, in 49 people, in addition to McDonald, only Drek Carrier in the near-end front is kept healthy.

Although Xiao is currently only ranked in Josh McCown and Johnny Manziel, the Brown Training Group is still looking forward to him. . Xiao Ze was played in the last week of the regular season last week, and the 286 yards in the whole game were brought to the injury to fight, and the injured of the finger dislocation and the waist. The injury was forcibly paveled to Baltimore. The last minute.

49 people cut off the 3rd quarter-saving, signing new close-up
On Saturday, San Francisco announced that it was cut off the team's original No. 3 quartz, Josh Johnson, signed a close-end ASANT-Cleveland, and included him 53 people list.

According to informed people, the patriots and the outer joins Julian EDELMAN have agreed to sign a 2-year renewal contract. This contract value is $ 11 million, including 9 million US guarantee income.

The 31-year-old Edelman has achieved the second Qianyuan season in the 9-year-old game last season. He also completed a high-difficult key to catch a high-end bowl in the Super Bowl of the Arrange Falcon.

Brown II 4-point Wei Xiao will accept thumb surgery
Cleveland Brown announced on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, and Connor Shaw will accept the repair surgery of the right thumb, the return time is undecided. Xiao was debut on the second half of the previous battle of Washington Red Leather in the middle of the morning time, 10 times, successfully won the 64 yards 5 times, and after the game, the thumbs were injured.

US Time Monday, Bill announced that it is 5 players, namely Dan Carpen, Nickell Robey-Coleman, long kickle Garrison- Sanburn Sanborn, near-ended, Geld Christian, and the PHILIP THOMAS, this is awarded the team to release $ 5 million of salary space.

Cag President is a team in the past 4 years. She last season is the worst year in the past four years. The success rate of shooting in the season is only 76%, and the kick lost 5 additional points. Not sure who will come to fill his position, maybe it is a young draft.

Atlantian Feman Player: We know Norman
Josh Norman is now the best corner guard without controversial. People also learned that he likes to say some trash in front of the game and the game, as a dispute between he and the New York giant's external connections, Odell Beckham Jr..

After the game, Beckham was banned, Wholesale Jerseys Norman was fined $ 26,000, and the player of Atlanta Falcon's players who were willing to face the Black Leopard challenge revealed the previous understanding of Norman.

Brown Mike Mike Pettine said to this: "I feel sad because he has been working hard. He is a fighter, which is very good during the break and training camp. He is a powerful quarter-free depth complement, and it is a pity that injury temporarily stops his footsteps. "

Falcon's Line O'Brien Skifield (O & # 39; Brien Schofield) said: "We have a loss of his loss, he has across our region before the game, and then our line guard is warm At that time, our line guards made him leave, Norman slowly went to our coach, and then he looked at our coach, so slowly, this is obviously a hint. "