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Watt said: "I don't like slow rhythm. The best place is that I can meet with my teammates, I can be on the scene, I will be with them in the talk. I feel awesome. Every minute of each minute on the court. Pleasure. "

Defensive Did-Edger J.J. Wat (J. J. Watt) last season missed 13 regular sessions and 2 playoffs, but it has returned to Texas people training. Watt once said in the offset period, he will be more careful to treat personal training. He added it on Tuesday that he would try to join the team training in a new method.

The Black Panther has more than $ 30 million in salary space, but the head coach Matt Lu (Matt Rhule) did not intend to operate excessive operations in the free market. Lu said: "There is not much money, so you must lock the true need."

Crow Center Matt-Skra Kneck Injury
In 2019, the 12th week of regular season, the crow Matt Skura encountered a serious knee injury, tearing the front cross-ligament, the inner sublarm and the rear side ligament.

Brooks is a professional bowl of professional bowls in 2013. It has been playing at 49 people in 2009, Wholesale Jerseys and the basic full-service team has completed 287 cockroaches and 42 times four-point guard. But the current 4 games only completed a quarter-free killing.

Line Wile Ahmad Brooks will absent the game
San Francisco 49 people will rush to New York to the challenge of New York giants. But the line of Ahmad Brooks, but since his sister has decided not to organize.

The second quarter starts in the abandonment of the wild horse, but the backcrottles will drop the ball again and send out the second mistake of the chief. This also allowed Pedon-Manning on the spot on the Emirates. However, the 3-speed 1 yards of the wild horses and 4-speed 1 yards were continuously blocked. After reaching the right, the wild horse defensive group suddenly came to the fire, and there is no need for personal comparison of individuals twice to give the chief 25 yards. Charles seized the opportunity to give the redemption of the 34 yards of the mushrooms. Wild Horse 0: 7 Backward Chief. Some anxious Manning has been promoted to the middle line and sent the second copy of this season and was attacked by the array. Wild horses 0:14 chiefs, 2 minutes and 44 seconds, the wild horses behind 2 reachaes. Manning found that the rushing effect of the wild horse was really poor. Therefore, in the next round, it is more decisive to pass the ball, 10 times attack 8 times, 5 times, successfully helped the wild horse to retreat. Wild Horse 7:14 Chief. The incentive of the old captain, the wild horse defensive group will send a copy of the emitter. Manning did not live back to the efforts of the defensive group, sent 1 yard pass to the game, helping the wild horses in 1 minute 43 seconds will be equal! Wild horses 14:14 chiefs. In the first half, this is the end of the mountain.
Habito offensive groups with quarterves Wilson and DK-Metcaf (DK Metcalf) and Tayler Lockett need to find a way to make progress. And Wardun's departure also makes the Future of the ram four-point Guardian Gaff (Jared Goff). Gao Fu cooperated with Wardlun in his career. He is currently not completely trusted by the team.

Thompson's previous December 2019 has been within 4 years, with a total contract of 54.2 million US dollars. In addition to the contract with McCaffli, Most of Tomson's 2021 season has also been converted to a signature bonus, and the 6126,000 US dollars.
Skula told reporters: "I think I am close to 90-95%. The most important thing is to adjust the small muscle group, such as hips, knees, or even calf. I need to let these muscles to restore power & hellip; & hellip; also focus Attack front line skills training. "

The Skola has played all 1189 offensive in the 2018 season. The top 10 games in the top season also participated in all 700 gear offensive. Patrick Mekari is vacant on top of his injury, and it is very good.

Emirates five lost mistakes to send a good situation
In early September 18, 2015, the NFL2015-16 season's second week of competitions started in a Civil War in the Menian West. Pedon, who is included in the injury list before the game, leads the Dan Buddha Musa to be a guest Kansas City, challenge the Emirates. The emirate is more frequent, and there is a good situation in the event. In the end, it was killed by the wild horse because Charles lost the ball in front of the final. The score is fixed at 31:24.

J.J. Watt conducts a complete relay event
In the rest training, Texas welcomed one of the stars of their own defensive groups, but the two key players can only watch training on the side line due to injuries.
The black Leopard currently needs to be reinforced, including the left trip, striker, near-end and angular guard. Although there is Teddy Bridgewater in the team, it is also one of the positions of black panther. According to reports, if Texas deliberately deals Deshaun Watson, the Black Panther will also participate in the bid.