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Rogers memories and Linqi past, look forward to making teammates
Seattle Sea Eagle runs to Marshawn Lynch, the inextricably refused media interview habit makes his many secrets can't be public.

But we can still collected some information from his front teammates, wholesale jerseys while the Green Bay packaging team four-point 阿 Rogers is an important source. A few days ago, Rogers remembered the past and Linqi's pastment.

He said: "In fact, he is very interesting, it is indeed a great player. When he is a big time, the data of 9 yards each time, it shows the talent of him. He often challenges to the ball, I am not Every time you win him, because his arm is very strong, but as for accuracy, I will take a little more. "

And cheap real jerseys nfl they are in the closing position. The packaging team did have contacted in the 2010 Brotarbell team, but finally was traded by the Haiying team with 2 middle selection rights. Rogers recalls: "I was very confident that the Bill team didn't lose from these two selection rights. Therefore, if he was sold at the end of the season, I think he can pack the team. Even even Eddi West (Eddie Lacy) and Lynch is very similar to the first defensive player, breaking free from the opponent's arm, and the ball is also good, the pass protection ability is also excellent. "

Obviously, Rogers depicts a beautiful picture of Rayxi and Lynch in the packaging team.