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Pony quarter points to find balance in the decision and stupid ball decision
No one feels that Philip Rivers are timid quarterfire. From he is willing to force the opponent to dare to pass the ball to the narrow space, the 38-year-old Rivers are fearless.

Denim is so cautious to treat Romo is made by two reasons, first of all, they don't want him to return too early because his back injury is old injury. The second reason is that you will make him more intense between the competition between the four-point guard, this is also a cowgirl.

Obviously, Rivers have been willing to take risks in his career. Sometimes his ability to wear needle leads let him complete some of the passes that felt that they can complete. But sometimes such an adventure is to hand over the right.

Rodes has the potential to become an elite corner. He has been able to show such performance not only in a game last season, but can be a long period of time. The third year is usually the greatest year of the corner to our upper limit, so we may see that a player is squeezing into the discussion of the best anti-papers of the alliance.

The eagle player said that there is nothing special in the cowboy offensive line.
Philadelphia Eagle's defensive disappearance Bennie Logan's offensive line for Dallas is not very careless. As a reply, Dallas did not point out the speech of Logan's little offense. At the Tuesday, Http:// Logan said: "It is very good, but I don't understand that they are great."

Last week, the new England patriot notified Stoke him will be cut off. But before formal layoff, Washington red skin suddenly contacted the patriot and used a conditional draft to transaction to Stoke (may be because they worried that if Stoke was sick, he will be discarded in the bidding. High priority team snapped away).

After joining the pony, Rivers will cooperate with the top offensive front line of the league. Although this should be capable of reducing a part of the pass mistake, he maybe he needs more cautious when passing.

"Of course, I have a confidence in the narrow space or face closely guard against the ball, and I can have confidence that I can accurately pass the ball," Rivers said. "Of course, I have some pass on the past to be copied & mdash; & mdash; Really, last year is the most career. But I don't want this to turn myself to people who don't dare to pass, because I don't want to play like this. So I think I have to find a suitable balance between radical and stupid. "

Now, NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Stoke failed to pass the red skin inspection, his ownership will be given to the patriot, and the red skin will also take back the dedication. . Latport also said that the red skin is dissatisfied with Stoke during the transaction.

Professional football focused on Rhodes rated the 14th good angle guards from last season, but there were four games at the end of the season, and his score was second only to Darrelle Revis, he was here. The anti-pass score of the stage is amazing. At this stage, the opponent was sent twice to his zone 22 times. He only made the opponent to achieve 54 yards, and he completed 7 times to destroy the ball and 1 copy. The four-point guards obtained in the four-point guards of Rhodes in this time were only 22.2.

Dak Prescott, Dak Prescott, currently led the team to complete 8 wins and 1 negative record, obvious that the team management group has no reason to let him sit on the bench. Moreover, he once again completed the 319 yards in the 319-yard highlight performance.

Rhodes who got praised in the Viking Camp Camp in the Wikiki Mac Mac-Qi Mile showed its potential last season. After progressing before the 2015 season, he may compete with the best corner of the alliance in terms of defensive pass.

This shows the height of a former first round, but there is no other corner to destroy the pass like him so frequently (each 5.9 times to damage the ball for each other). This is the best data acquired in any of the eight seasons.

Linebacker KJ Wright (KJ Wright) also said Rogers will be seen as a healthy Rogers:. "We will not be because of his injury rumors method to change the game, we take him as a 100% match he played Rogers performed well, completed most of the ball, although the ability to move really affected, but for the quarterback, the most important is still passing ability, which we can not ignore. "

Earl - Thomas Rogers disregard leg injury
The whole week, the media have emphasized the Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron - Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) of leg problems, we believe, injury problems will limit the ability of Rogers. However, Seattle Seahawks swim guard Earl - Thomas (Earl Thomas) does not think so, he was prepared to ignore Rogers injuries.

Thomas said: "I'm not going to break the news seriously, the last game I saw him run out of the pocket, moved to the sideline to complete a pass so I will not be cheated, I will ignore his injury, with the past. . the way to judge his actions, "whether it is healthy or injury in the body, Thomas will go all the way to express their own respect for Rogers:" I have rarely seen a white quarterback like him, with such strong spiritual strength, unyielding sense of competition, and I respect him very much. "