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Wild Hemoching Hand Feng - Miller New Crown Virus Positive, no problem
US Time Thursday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, wild horses were confirmed by Von Miller confirmed new crown virus positive.

Cowboy defensive disappearance Presses enter the injury reserve list
Cowboy Defensive Diagonal Brian PRICE will receive knee surgery on Tuesday. On Monday, Jason Garrett confirmed that Ples would enter the injury reserve list.

Red skin quartz Swan does not expect it to be traded
The entire sniper discussion about Washington Red Single Swan Washing-Covers, but recently he seems that he may complete his second privilege label.

However, the four-dimensional quarter-shifting of the professional bowl seems to be unsatisfactory, Wholesale jerseys because he knows that he is traded very low, when he accepts an interview: "I don't expect anything to happen."

Titt was a 2-year $ 6.2 million contract this year. Durability is his problem in the 3 seasons of Titton Texas. He absents 2 games last season and has been playing in the case of rib injury. The 26-year-old player has never been full of 16 games in the season. In the game for Brown debut, Tit was facing weak steel people. He showed a good vision and iconic toughness, just 6 shots (average 6.8 yards per time), including the beautiful 25-yard scorpion front before injury.

When the 2018 season and the four-point guardian Dru Lak (Andrew Luck), Iblang completed 66 battles and achieved a new 750 yards and 13 times. However, he once again set up unstable again in the 2019 season and ended the season in advance.

As a hierger, Miller has won the 50th super bowl MVP, contributing a whole wonderful defense and a key manufacturing. He has completed 106 kills, 25 manufacturing, 8 times, 8 times selected for the best lineup, 3 times, 4 times, 4 times.

Fitz Patrick has a first six games in the season, 3-3 records, and a total of 1652 yards, reaching 10 times, being copied 8 times. Although the performance is good, the head coach Brian Flores still decided to put Tenguova.

Dolphins are expected to make quadritile Gitz Patrick starting
US Time Saturday, according to ESPN reporters, Dolphin's rookie four-dimensional Tu A-Tengo Valoa is injured due to left thumb, the probability is not high.

Iblang's past performance and injury history make this signing effect attention. Can he return to the State of the 2018 season? Steel people need to strengthen the Red District Offense, and IBOON can play an important role in the Red District.

In 2014, the first round of the first round of the Detroit Deco's selection of Iblang has been in the past two seasons for Indiana Polis. In the top 6 seasons in front of his career, Ibrah was suffering from the disease due to unstable performance and frequent ball. But when he played outstanding, he showed his talent.

NFL official website reporter Ian RapoPort Local time on Wednesday According to the informed person, it is said that the Ben Tate will might miss the knee injury. The absence of this running guard will depend on his recovery: the fastest 2 weeks may also take up to 4 weeks. Labott said that Tit did not need surgery.

Instead of his new show, Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell performance is more prominent. West 16 sho is 100 yards and looks at breakthroughs. Klova is reached 2 times. In view of Brown lack of pick-up, this is a large number of play time. In the case of Clovo, Westtet may result in 60 pairs of 40-to-pending time allocation, and the former will undertake the work of most end districts.