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Falcon Coalansi and General Manager Dimitlov will stay
It is destined that the fate of Dan Quinn will be destined before a few weeks.

Before the trip, the record of Atlantian resurgent was only 1 win. They seem to be in the five seasons of the team.

However, cheap jerseys online after the adjustment of the hollow week, the Falcon won five games in the past seven games, including 49 people who defeated the New Orleans Saint and San Francisco. Kuin's fate also turned from a successful resort nfl jerseys from china facing the team.

Falcon Asnevon Asahi, the general manager Thomas Dimitroff will stay next year. The two will now be responsible to the team president and CEO, and the team owner Arthur Blank continues the team operation.

McCai clearly said that Quin is adjusted during the trip to let him stay. Quin's adjustment includes adjusting the outer clashes to Rahiem Morris from the offensive group to the defensive group. This decision gets immediate results, and the falcon returned to the performance of the season in the season. Today, Morris has also been appointed as the Falcon defensive coordinator.

Falcon players have been expressing the support of Quin, which reflects in the second half of the season. Although the season has lost hope, the false players still move their power.

Quinin and Dimitlov at least one year can be left again. But if they repeat this season next season, the Brand will not be very compassionate.