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This season's American Tiger defensive farm only lost 281.2 yards (third), 14.6 points (Leitage at least). Anti-transmission field is only 156.4 yards (leverages), 4 rendered in the league (the leverage of the league), 10 CD (the League fourth), 35 kills (alliances), 58.1% of the other party (alliance The fourth low), the anti-parallelism quarter-bakedance points 63.5 (the minimum alliance). In addition to the anti-junction of 124.9 yards (the seventh difference between the league), the Jagua can be called the first defense of the league.

"Everything we do is," Jia Ji said. "We are very happy to explain to the team why we act in accordance with the current method. I am very believed in educating our team why we do something. We are not blindly thinking about this way and then forcibly punishes the players. I explained before. When you make a mistake on the field, there will be consequences. In the game, this is a penalty code. In the training, we have to understand that there will be consequences. This is not punishing. This is to remind us to focus, for Do things more attention to details. "

Last season, Davis as the ram of the ram, showed a big arrival, 8 times, and won 12 Daoxuan simultaneously by copying 9 times. Davis seems to have a higher talent and determination compared to Manzel. In the past 20 years, Brown has been looking for a four-point guard worth relying on, although Davis will not be that person, but his performance will be worth looking forward to. If Davis has the opportunity to come, he may bring a surprise to fans.

Brown's first four-point guard will be Josh McCown, and the order of Austin will be ranked behind Johnny Manziel. Due to Manzell injured in the season in the season, the two weeks were missing. If he could not return it in time, Davis will become a quarter from the beginning of the season.

Brown announced the signing of the four points of the Austin - Davis
Cleveland Bridge signed a new quarter-off, the team announced on Monday in local time, with the former St. Louis Rams Austin Davis, the latter was reached 2 days ago .

Carson Wenz Established a Personal Foundation to help all ages
On July 12, like many players in NFL, the quarter of the Philadelphia eagle, Carson Wentz, recently established its own personal non-profit organization AO1, "Audience of One".

Engram said in an interview: "I do now is to pay attention to the team's update, the update of the player, the dynamics of the alliance. I really want to play, but I think it should be in a safe, efficient environment. I know There will be documents, drafts, guidelines, etc. to ensure the health and safety of everyone. I know that we are trying to reduce risk, I hope to play the ball. "

After winning 1 wins and 15th performance last season, Brown has already discussed the 4-point imeo-Chut Churiski (Mitchell Trubisky), which is selected to pick Galt or North Carolina University. Brown also has the power of the 12th time of this year's draft.

Think far more, patriot, steel man, chief strength, I am afraid it will occupy the first three seeds of the United States, and the American tiger or Titan can only become the fourth seed. If the remaining team has become the top card, then Following the encounter of the two teams in the last week of the regular season, it is said that the United States is still the arms of the two armies, and the winners must enter the United Federation partition. As the Mei Nan Black Horse can also kill the division, bitter It should be comfortable in the heart of the two teams.

Giant coach Qi Qi: Requesting the wrong player to receive the running circle is for teaching players
New York Giant coach Joe-Jiaji Judge asked the player running circle to make mistakes as a punishment, and the coach will accompany it together. Such old factions have triggered controversy, some experts have issued criticisms with the former players.

In the last season of the University, Galt got 15 hugs in the case of an ankle injury, led to the number of opponents and 8.5 times. He is 6 feet high, with a weight of 272 pounds, and 40 yards in the body is 4 seconds 64. He was compared to the old manager Julius Peppers, which took 143.5 killing in 15 seasons.

The space city fans look around and finally got a response. The 2002 season's new team "Houstown Dezhou" joined the Cheap nfl jerseys from China family, so that the alliance has just become a 32 team, the four hundred groups, the leaders in the history of "Mei Liannan District", Texas People with Titan (Oilmann) becomes the enemy of partition. From the 15 seasons in the future, Xiaoma cut 9 partition champions, Texas people, 4 partition championships in Pedon Manning and Andrew Rock. Titan took two times, the Jaguji is still alone, but not only this, in the past eight seasons, the pony and the Texas have divided four partitions first, but Titan and Jigi not only partition boss Can't touch, even have been absent in the playoffs for eight consecutive years, and people have looked very compassion.