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2. Packagers vs Romo: Although Romo has gradually reduced the passment of the pass, it will still make him feel awkward in a year ago. At that time, the package worker continued to complete two copies of Romo in the last 4 minutes. Take it, and eventually gain victory at 37:36, Rogers did not appear because the clavicle was injured.

The battle of denim packages will be the strongest quarter-off dialogue in this season.
1. Quadruption: I am afraid that there is no four-defense performance in this year's alliance. Aaron Rodgers and Tony Romo leads 4 points. The guards and the average of each pass advancement of the number of codes, Romo's score of 113.2 in the quarter-assigned score is ahead of Rogers 112.2, and he has averaged average of 8.52 yards. Pressure 8.43. However, Rogers have passed a total of 38 times in the season (Romo 34 times), ranked first, and his 5 times were smaller than Romo's 9 times.

In the first three sections of the game, the Red Leather team is easily 20 points, and the patriots particles are free. The first red leather team was shot at 39 yards, got 3 points, and then Cousins shorted Middle Road Robinson. The patriot is 10 points behind the first quarter. The second section of the red skin takes 3 points again at 27 yards. The last half of the red skin is 13 to 0. In the third quarter, Kassen came to Robinson again. The fourth quarter of the red skin scored at the 39 yard, and finally the patriots finally got up to 6 points to save the face.

When Olom is published in the first time, some experts suggest that he gives up this year's participation in the draft. However, Olom still decided to challenge yourself, he actively recovered injuries and eventually got a chance to re-proved. After being selected, Olom also expressed its gratitude to Brown on a personal network social media.

Braddy lacks patriots defeated red skin
On August 8th, Beijing time, the 2014NFL episode ended a focus of competition. In the case of the team core Tom Brady, the new England Patriot 6:23 defeated Washington red skin.

Beijing October 19th, Beijing time, Friday, October 19, 8:20, 8:20, this season, the seventh week of the seventh week, kicked off on Thursday night. 1 wins and 5 negative Arizona Redshos were home to the home, and strive to win the first home victory in the season in 2 wins and 4-negative Denver. These two cross-alliance teams are not often encountered, and the two teams have worked 10 times in history, and the rickets only win a win (2010 season); and the two teams have played in the 2014 season, and the wild horses were over 41:20 bird.

The general manager of Brown is optimistic to the front of Oregon
Former Oregon University Corner Wiover - Ekpre-Olomu is selected in the 7th round by Cleveland Blanc. The potential of the PAC-12 best lineup in the past two seasons has been injured in the knee in December last year, which also fell sharply.

In the offensive group, the right cutaway (leg crisp injured) (leg crisp injured) (leg crisp) was also absent. MARCUS GILBERT. Chris Hubbard most likely replaced him, Hugabad replaced Gilbert and left-off Alejandro Villanueva last week.

The line guard TJ-Watt (T. J. Watt) did not participate in the injury in the Yulin, and the training of the groad and on Thursday and Friday did not participate last week. Anthony Chickillo will replace him, and Chikho's opening war has replaced Bad Dupree. James Harrison (James Harrison) is not allowed to have an opportunity to appear.

Ray Farmer, General Manager, General Manager, is very satisfied with such a team that has click through the next web page first round of strength in the selection. He said that this height is 5 fet 9-foot, and the defensive style fierce players can initiate an impact on the starting position after the injury. Fa Mal said: "I think we have selected the right player, he talent, just unfortunately injured. We have confidence in his recovery. If we can return to 100%, then he is completely capable. "

Overview: Cowbi left cut Schmith classes will not play this week
Tuesday, Dethie Jones, Jerry Jones, said in Tyron Smith basically does not want to play this week's game, but in addition, his injury progression "has It is the best news that Cowpi can hear. "

Giants take over Golden Tate is activated to 53 people list. Tit was previously banned by four games in violation of the Alliance Drug Abuse, and the game of the Beijing-Tianjin people will be his head of the giant. In addition, line Wealth, Josiah Tauaefa, is promoted from the training lineup to a big list. External Handle Bennie Fowler and T. J. Jones were sicking.
Steel man runs James Conner (ankle) and defensive front line members Cam - Hayward (four-head muscles) part of training will be limited. Defensive Padi Member Wenz - Williams (Legs) (Legs), Clos - Vance McDonald (Shoulder) and Line Wei'an Nikro (Foot) It is possible to play this week.
Lion Trial Extension Maoris Harris. Harris was cut by the patriot.
Titan trials take over Quincy Adeboyejo.
Patriot abandoned offensive front line members Kelly cloth - Bennocho, external handle card Melon - Merris Meredith.
Tiger Matter Alex-Redmond Gets a big list of immunity, until Monday, the tiger can choose to activate the list.
Lightning is near the end of the head Stephen - Stephen Anderson to promote the big list, the close-end Edkin Kurkin is added to the injury reserve list. The team also signed the defensive end Edge Jeff Holf Holland, defenders, Wi-Wendon-Max (Matt Sokol), to training lineup.
The crow gives up the outside line to DTHM-Williams (Tim Williams). Williams completed 2 cockroaches in the past four games.
The red scitch retracted back to attack the armor-Cooper, cut off the defensive front line Member Miles Brown, signed Darrell Daniels to the training lineup.
Red leather cut away Robert Davis, Corner Adonis Alexander.