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Qian clinklan Brown hunger sulcous team
When I saw Cleveland Brown, I felt very badly when I was thamon Williams, because Brown's rebuilding plan, it is clear that this location will no longer leave it to the old.

New England Patriots with the former Lightning Near Terminal Hunter - Henry Signed for 3 years
After the free player's legal contact period, the New England Patriot has not stopped the pace of attachment in the next day.

The lion cuts the safety of Safety Glolo - Quan
Beijing February 16th, US Time Friday, Detroit Lion officially announced, cutting Safety Glolo, Exterior Hand, Bruce Ellington and Line Nikiuls - Gori Nicholas Grigsby.

Quinn was 33 years old. In the past six years, all 96 regular meetings have been first in the past six years, but the 2018 season level has declined. At present, Treish Walker in the lion is good, and the patriot is old Tan Wan-Wilson and the Quandre Digdre Digdre (Quandre Diggs). It is a potential starter.

Marcus Williams cries for your own championship
During the Cheap nfl jerseys from China playoffs ending on Sunday, the final mistake of the Saint-Williams, the Saint-Williams, the Saint-Williams, which became the focus of public opinion.

Sags did not explicitly gave a reason, but the alliance is more expected to be Tom Brady and PEYTON Manning, the idea can be said to be a passerby. "We all know that alliances hope this dialogue (Manning VS Breddy)." Sags said: "This is not only beneficial for TV ratings, but also makes sponsors earn more money, but our crow is the least shortage Confidence, we have to use practical actions to disturb some people's intentions. "

Alex Okafor is also a person in the rotation lineup, which is expected to be replaced by Dadport, completing the rushing with Cameron Jordan partner. In addition, the second-year defensive end Trie-Hendrickson can also share some pressure.

Due to the last moment of the competition, the Opportunities of Stefon Digs Digs (Stefon Digs), which was missing Mingnesota, which was missing, leading to Digs to complete the 61-yard boller and helped the team to win the game.

Crows do not want Manning Br ADD to talk again
The Baltimore Crow is only one step away from the third US contest in the past four years, but the team's inner line of Terrell Suggs does not believe that the NFL Alliance hopes that the crow is overcome the New England Patriots. team.

For Williams, Brown's decision made him very happy, he said: "At the last day, the guys have changed directly. From the training camp, the day of the training camp, their decisions were different, so I I hope to be contracted in the intermediate period. "

Bob Quinn said: "We thank Gloro to the countless contribution to the lions over the past six years. Since Joining the team Elays, Glolo proves its own Occupational standards, whether they are in the competitive capacity, or for the contribution of the community. Matt Patricia coach and I have very respectful for him, and hope that his future is smooth. "

At healthy, Henry can enhance the performance of the offensive group, and his speed is superior to the opponent's guard, which can occupy the wind with the opponent's defenders. Last season, he completed 60 balls in 14 games in 14 games to achieve 613 yards 4 times. Two 26-year-old near-end style can be complementary.

Smith and Henry's joining will significantly strengthen the patriot's offensive weapon lineup, plus the same newly signed external connections Nelson-Aglo Agholor and Kendrick Bourne, patriots The position of the ball will be significantly improved in the last season.

Last season, the performance of the patriot offensive group is one of the worst alliances, some of which are the lack of excellent offensive players. In the early days, efforts to hoard the ball to prove that the patriotic realized that only upgrading offensive weapons can avoid failing again.

Williams explained: "Why we will be touched because this team is not a stable organization, you don't know who will be coaches every year, so I don't want to be a pit as an old. I Need to find a job, because I am in a bad team, this is why I have to leave here. "

As a previous day, the Patriot had a contract for 4 years from Qi Nu Smith, who was Nounesi Titan, Titan. The contract was $ 50 million. The two people respective average salary ranked third in the close-up near-end front of the Alliance.