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The coach Marvin Lewis has not yet led the tiger to win the playoffs, but after seeing his offensive group in Green in Green, he can't be lacking in the missing alliance. In the case of one of the best outer hands, win the playoff.

Brown has also become a player who has completed 1500 yards above the fifth consecutive season. If he can complete 1600 yards to catch the ball before the end of the season, he will become a history of the second border of 1600 or more.

According to Ian Rapoport, the King of Ian Rapople, this tricks have signed a renewal contract for a 4-year value of 60 million US dollars Friday. Tiger will challenge the Auckland raid in the Sunday, so they want to make a decree before flying to Calif.

Galley is not the only running guard in December. Pittsburgh Steelman Run Guidian - Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) Wash the ball to get 310 yards 4 times, he has become the best offensive player of the United Jianyunyun. Bell Bell's third of the League of 1291 Code Toning Code.

In December, the Best Player of the United States of America was announced.
Los Angeles Roofer Runs Todd Gurley played the performance of the MVP level during the season, and now he is because of its excellent players in December.

Buffalo, Jordan Poyer, became the best defensive player of the United States, and he played a huge role in helping Bill had played a huge role since 1999. He got 3 copies and mdash; & mdash; one of them was back to achieve Dalu & Mdash; & mdash; and 30 times. 4 blocked passes.

Harrison Butker, Kansas City, Kansas City, is the best special group player in Meiyue. He was 15 times in December 15th, and the 28-year-old group was all hit. He was the first to be the best rookie player since the founding of this award in 1986.

Golley became the best offensive player of the KPM, he became the first single month of the best ram player since the famous Marshall Faulk. In the four games in December, Galley won 440 yards 5 times, and Wholesale Jerseys he also completed 22 cents to get 302 yards 3 times. He got 1305 yards this season, and the second column of the league.

Running Gorre Care Washing Code is about to surpass Jim - Brown
After the second time in the university, Frank Gore almost abandoned football after the triple ligament torn with knee, Frank Gore. But in contrast, after 12 NFL season, the running guard will exceed Jim Brown's career scorpion code.

Since the fourth time in 2011, Green has always been one of the signature characters of the tiger. In his first four seasons, he has more than 1000 yards each season, and only Randy Moss is done in the NFL history before this. In that four years, he is the third player after the NFL history begins.

The bear striking the old will take away Eddie Royal, and he has played for them for 2 seasons. Roal 2017 salary reached 5 million US dollars, and now the bear striking him will not lose the wage space.

"This is crazy, isn't it?" Gore said to ESPN. "I have a good career, especially after I have experienced university things. I have been suspected of injury. I have a good player, and some good players have some good players for me. Open. Now I am still playing, and I want to continue. "

The bear team has already reinforced the external connections in the offset period, so expensive Royl is no longer reconstructed in the demand. Royell completed the 607 codes in 18 games in the 2 season for the bear team.

If he has a better open player, he may exceed Brown. Gore has not exceeded 100 yards in a single game since 2014. This is not the fault of Gore, but the fault of the pony. But in the face of weak Chicago bear defense, Gore has the opportunity to exceed Jim - Brown and once again.