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Pony trading gets Brown defensive end Wayne
In Arthur Jones, the Indianapolis Pony increased the induced lineup depth in the defensive front line due to the reimbursement of an ankle surgery season.

Cleveland Brown announced that they have traded defending Dragon Billy Wynn to Pony, and changed a conditional 2017.

In 2012, the sixth round of the selected sixth round has been first 18 games for Brown, and a total of 87 hugs, 3 kills, Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale 2 times, 2 times, forcing the ball and twice to grab the ball.

This is a worthy of the team wholesale nfl jerseys for sale a defensive group. Wayne is an excellent running guardian. In the past two playoffs, this is a kind of player who is a kind of player who is needed by the young horse after the new England patriot shock.

After all criticisms in the offset period, they point to the Pony Defensive Team, their front line seven lineup has already changed. In addition to Wayne, the Pony has got a talented young line of Nako-Moore through the deal, signed the old Cole and KenDall Langford, Two excellent defensive front line players, Henry Anderson and David Parry were selected in the draft.

After these new entrance members and cheap nfl jerseys from china five-degree selection professional bowls, Robert Mathis is healthy. The little horse may have the opportunity to pull a wrench with patriots in the playoffs.