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7 occupational bowls, Nailan, Britgs retired
Lance Briggs 7-year career bowls, helped Chicago bear touched the super bowl, now he plans to retire.

US time Wednesday, Brigs said that he was preparing to retreat but not, it is no longer playing. He said: "If someone told me to let me come back and play, I will say that I am retired. If they say we give you a contract, then I will say good, you have the opportunity to get a new player."

Brigs is graduated from Arizona University in 2003 in the third round of being selected. For Chicago's effectiveness of 12 seasons, enter 7 professional bowls, in 2006, cheap jerseys online legit helping the team to enter the super bowl.

Brigs career completed 16 copies, 15 quartz guards and 5 Dalsets, he was just absent from 2003 to 2012. However, online jerseys china in recent seasons, they have been injured.

It is reported that he will become a radio analyst after retiring.