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Marshall share interesting story between Manning
At present, the New York Giants' external handbranda Marshall is trying to do any opportunity to help you to learn tactics with the four-dimensional Wile Manning.

Although it is a joke, Marshall is really a tactics that is interested in memory and is very respected by Manning. He said: "He is the four-point guard I have experienced the details. He knows what you want, how to complete these Once I ran more than 2 steps, he threw the ball on the ground, pulled me to guide me how to go to this route. "

There have been rumors, cowboy or will use draft to exchange Adrian Peterson, Jones denied this statement. Insatiscically, the cowboy does hopes to reinforce the running guard, but they prefer to pick younger and more potential players in the draft.

Romo: We will win a super bowl next season.
Despite the loss of Demarco Murray, Dallas Cowbi 4-dimensional Tony Romo is still optimistic about the foreground of the team. Recently, Romo is open to say that the team's goal is to take a super bowl in the new season.

A very good steelman offensive group upgraded the urgent need before the start of the season, and an near-end pertrove that could be able to strengthen the attack capability. McDonald should work immediately and Jesse James after adaptation.

In the 49-year-effective 4 years, McDonald's first 30 games, completed 64 battles to get 866 yards 7 times. The first two-year show signed a $ 35 million renewal contract with 49 people last year in December last year. 49 people have been trying to trading him before, and now they are finally successful.

Bill coach called the team once intentionally signed Victor
Several four-point guards in Buffalo Boles are flat, and they cannot be relieved. The Bien's coach Rex Ryan said that he was an interview in an interview that he had once considered a Michael Vick, a Michael Vick, who had a free player.

The appellament of Galete is rejected to Pang Xizi to reduce 2 games.
NFL announced on Thursday that Cleveland Branda's appeal was dismissed with the appeal of its indefinitely banned, while Pittsburgh Stebrae's Stroke Markice Pony Pouncey It was reduced to 2 games after its appeal.

Ryan said in an interview: "I have talked with Wik. He is a good athlete, and it is also a person who is very character. I enjoy the feeling of working with him, and I think he will go to the team. It is very helpful. Just, our environment and alliances are different. Vik said to me, he is not suitable for combat in a bad weather environment, he thinks his hand is not big enough, under the harsh weather It will be very affected. He should also actively say that he is not suitable for bad weather fighting, I think he is quite honest. So I think Bill is really not suitable for him. "

Poni is originally banned due to the involvement of conflicts, Cheap Jerseys From China but the appeal official DERRICK BROOKS reduces it to 1 game, but maintains a fine of $ 35,096. So Ponxi will still absent the second context of Brown and steel people this season.

The team also made adjustments to the following positions: Ryan Crow served as the Assistant Coach of Teleble Group, Matt Edwards, served as a defensive assistant coach, Scott Bick (Scott Booker) serves as a safety guard. Previously, the former Texas Man Assistant Coach Anthony Midget was hired as a second-line coach.

Like "Manning Time" mentioned before Marshall, Manning will recall tactics and gestures at any time. Marshall said that he was eating for breakfast with Manning, Manning will suddenly test the tactical password.

Appeal official James Thrash made a decision to Galt's appeal. This means that Galt will be suspended in the remaining competitions in this season. He must first have the opportunity to resume the qualifications after meeting the Office of the League President.

Mike Vrabel said: "Adding quality management personnel to the coach group has always been my priority task. They have to have the ability to guide the player, motivate the players to make progress. I met Jim when I was attended by the steel man. He has the experience of main coach, defensive coordinator and line guards. & Hellip; & hellip; I am very happy to bring experienced teachers to players. "

Haslet 2016-2018 was served as a line guard in Tiger. He has entered the alliance in 1993, which has worked in Saints, Steelman, Ram and Red Leather. Haslet 2000-2005 has served as the main coach, 2008 served as a ram agent.

Stephen Jones, Executive Vice President of Cowboy, is supported by Romo's statement: "I know that he is really idea, he believes that he is thinking. I like his self-confidence, like his spirit. And courage. "Denim last season is more than everyone's expectations, they got 12 wins and 4 losses to the national championship, and they also showed excellent in the playoffs. Cowbur's offensive front line is their winning method, the team believes that even if Murray, they still have the ability to replicate the performance of the season, even better.