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"I loveda-Prescot, I love everything I have related," Akman said. "Dak is really not cared for him. He only wants to win, he is a leader, his teammates love him .... So, I will give him a big contract. He will get a high salary."

Raiders boss: I hope the team will move the team to Las Vegas.
At the meeting of the Southern Huada Tourism Infrastructure Committee, the Oakland Assistant Board Mark Davis said he wants to move the team to Las Vegas and willing to build a value of 1.4 billion dollars in the casino. Indoor stadium funds $ 500 million.

Saints and packworks to change in Jacksonville
US time on Wednesday, NFL officially announced that due to the influence of Hurricane Eida, the Saint and Packagers will be held in Jacksonville Tiaa Bank Stadium. The kicking time is still the original east 4:25 pm.

Prescot, who was 27 years old in July, played his best performance in his last season, completed 388 passes, and won 4902 yards 30 times, all of which were the highest. Until he signing, his contractual problem will always become a debate.

After Williams is absent, Joji Henry Ruggs III and Bryan Edwards may get the first opportunity. But in the raid, there is also an old Nelson Agholor and a backcruttiter Zay Jones, and the two are good in training camps, and their career has completed at least 100 battles.

During the recovery of the disaster in the new Orleans area, Saints are expected to continue to stay in Dallas training, and the location is the training facility of Texas Christian University. If there is a time conflict, the Training facilities of the South Health University university can also be used as a replacement location as an AT & AMP; T coupling.

"I am surprised by such a discussion for his contract," Akman said in an interview. "This is not he won't play in 2020. Whether he accepts a privilege label or a new contract, he will play here, and finally the two sides will complete the renewal. So I will pay attention to the Alliance and other 31 teams I didn't care about this. "

The new stadium plan may take three years of construction. Davis said that during this period, the raid will be held in the Sam Boid Stadium in Las Vegas, but still stay in the present every year. Attending the regular season at home. The raid person has two years since the lease of the current home.

Saints originally intended to set Dallas as a temporary game location, but the concert after the AT & AMP; T courses arranged in conflicts with the game. NFL is more inclined to hold a game in NFL venues because it is more complete. However, Miki Lubis, the general manager of Saint, said that Cheap Nfl jerseys will give a venue that can be replaced by replacement every week.

Patriot ace line air because shoulder surgery will ablate half a year
"Boston Global News" reported on Thursday, New England Patriots Queue Ward Dontener - Haitao (Dont & # 39; A Hightower) The responses for immediate shoulder surgery for six to seven months were taken for immediate response. Therefore, he can play a large uncertainty in the beginning of the new season.

After signing Penton Barber, the red skin no longer needs to retain Thompson. He has always been in the free market to be seen by the America. Thompson has the counsel capability of the American Tiger, which will give Gardner Minshew to provide more ball options.

He is generally prepared by the patriot team, and he is also the second of the four-dimensional side of the team. He is in the professional football focus website (PFF), which is second high, and he has only played 12 games.
The 28-year-old Williams had a shoulder lip joint, and he tried to continue playing, but he met had to accept surgery. After surgery, he needs to recover for 6 months and will miss the entire 2020 season.

The raid will take the outside Tailier-Williams join the injury reserve list
US time on Tuesday, according to ESPN reporters, the raid people will join the Tyrell Williams to join the injury reserves and declare their reimbursement.

NFL President Roger GuDel has been weak in recent weeks, and his attitude against Las Vegas is soft. He said that it will be determined by the team owner in a city with legal sports gaming to have A team.

Cowboy uses Prescott using exclusive privileges label, the latter has not yet signed the privileged label contract, but if both parties want to complete the renewal, they must reach a consensus on July 15.

Football Star David - David Beckham also attended the meeting, he promoted the new course developer Las Vegas Jandsha Group. "It is great to bring such a great team like a raid to Las Vegas, but it is not limited to this." Beckham said that he mentioned that the American Football League may add a new team in Nannevada. And the potential to hold an international football match in the future.

Davis said he hoped to make the innervara that was called "Silver Mine" became a silver-black state. He also recalled the situation in the performance competition in Las Vegas in 1964. "I hope that the raid will not wait 50 years to participate in the game in Las Vegas." Davis said.