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1. Denver's wild horse defeated the patriot to win the Meetan champion, and the Seattle Hawow defeated the 49 people in San Francisco to win the National Union champion, and the 48th super bowl was determined.

The court is the Home Page of the England British football national team. It is reported that the program includes a game of NFL regular competitions at the Twicknam Stadium at the Twownam Stadium in the Tterknam Stadium.
4. Carter price is renewed. On January 2, 2014, the Chicago Bear team completed a heavy weight loss in the Chicker Katler. This contract was 7 years and a value of $ 26 million, including $ 54 million in guarantee contract. This also made him a four-point guard of the NFL Alliance. However, Carterler's performance was allowed to make the bear team remorse. At present, Katler has lost the trust of the coach.

In the 2016 season, with the help of the solid offensive front line, Johnson only won the 121 yards to get the ball. In addition, the new offense coordinator Mike McCoy is used in the system, Johnson also needs to adapt to this new method.

2. The 2014 professional bowl Pro Bowl was held in Hawaii. This career bowl changed to the Japanese Union VS National United Kingdom, brought by two NFL balls and DiON Sanders and Diion Sanders. The respective players. In the end, the Les team defeated the Sands team at 22:21.

5. Beijing Time February 3, 2014, NFL 48th Super Bowl is awarded for the New York Metropolitan Stadium. The Seattle Hawks played the excellent play of the entire team, defeated the Denver wild horse leading by Pedon-Manning, won the team history in the history of the team history with the excellent play of the entire team.

Six of Supon was banned by the violation of alliance drug abuse policies, he is a three-round show in the package worker in 2014. Soenon has spent a list of injuries in the injury reserve, then staying in the patriot, then come to the lion. In the two seasons of the lions, he played 23 games, gains 23 hugs, 1 killing and once forcing the ball.

Minnesota Weijing determines Kassel to serve as the first quarter-saving
At the moment, Matt Cassel, is considered to be the first quarter of the Swashi, the first week of the regular season. On Monday morning, we finally got exact news.

Red Rhun runs Johnson's goal of picking up the ball
Steve Wilks, the successor of Bruce Arians, is determined to strengthen the ground attack of the red row. As a new coach, he plans to let the All-Star Run David - Johnson (David Johnson) will bear the retreat, which also gave Johnson to choose the opportunity to play players in Dongshan.

Jackson from Alabama State University in 2006, the second round of the Shannesota Victoria. He has played a five seasons for Viking people, starting 20 games. However, the most fluent season in his career was in 2011, at the time, he sent a 14 game for the Seattle Hawks, and passed the 3091 yards to 14 times.

Compared with other "transition" quadrants, such as Chad Henne, Brown, Brian Hoyer, Matt Schaub, BRIAN HOYER, BRIAN HOYER Kassel was underestimated. He is not afraid that the pass forward and has excellent offensive players around the team with him around him. After plus Qi Map guided the defensive group, Viking may have become a black horse in the United States of Federation this year.

According to the FOX Sports, Jay Glazer, the head coach Mike Qi Mile (Mike Zimmer) notified the team called Kassel to defeat the rookie quarter Swan Di Di Bridgewater Got a first job. When Cleveland Brown faces the worst situation in four-point guard this month, the two quadrants are not good, and the Viking people are actually facing the best situation. Kassel will soon adapt to the offensive system of Norv Turner, with an average of 9.4 yards per shot in three episodes, and his passage success rate reached 66.7%. In the training, Bridgewater in the training performance is bad in the first preseason. But this rookie quickly welcomed the rebound performance, and two consecutive performances were excellent, in which a 2-minute winning promotion was completed in the second episode.

Lobport explained that Johnson has also obtained more recovery and training time due to injuries in the first week of the season. In the fourth year of your career, Johnson hopes that you can complete the Marshall Faulk with the first 49-person star Roger Craig, Marshall Faulk, and Chuck thousands of items.

Jackson was traded in Buffalo, but did not gain an opportunity for the 2012 holiday season. He returned to the sea eagle in 2013, served as the replacement of Russell Wilson and won the super bowl of championship. He became a free player after the end of the 2015 season.