5 Rookie Nfl Jerseys Mistakes You Can Fix At The Moment

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McCarthy expressed: "We have not reached the level of the candidate. It is obvious. The record also reflects this. There is still a lot of things to make improvements, not just a certain, someone. Everyone is One member of 3-9, we need to do better. "

Cowboy coach McCarthy: The team will learn from the mistake
Since many key players including the first quadrant defended the injury, the denim lost six games in the past seven games, in the unfavorable status of the competition in Guoandong District. This is not a good thing for the first year's coach Mike McCarthy.

According to NFL media reporters, Ian Rapoport reported that the team's veterans defeated Brett Keisel, triceps, and it is likely to be reimbursed, but they have to wait until After doing the nuclear magnetic resonance, there is a certain answer.

This season Cassel performance performance can be used in the first position of the team, and the young Stephen Tuitt has to be embarrassed on the bench. In fact, the Steel People's team is still unreliable to Tote's anti-running capacity, so the Cam Thomas may also get an opportunity to get a play.

It is reported that his weight loss plan includes strict control of Carloti's intake, as well as skim yogurt and 5 miles a day. He said to this: "This is my most annoying." Although so, now Hadwick is at least no longer a unhealthy big guy in his mouth.

Because they have already got 27 points in the first half, the opponent is bleak 0 points. The second half of the Viking can not retrieve the state, and finally 6-27 was defeated by Bill. This may be one of the most unexpected results of the third week. A team of 3-47 was swept away from the crow, and 20-31 lost to lightning team, defeated Viking people with the strength of the season, said before This is estimated that no one is believed.

Since multiple NFL players and team employees are diagnosed with new crown pneumonia, the player's medical supervisor recommended players stop privately organized training before the training camp. The patients who have confirmed patients include pirate team bases.

Jones explained the external connections of him and other free markets in the outside: "I have heard that many people compare me and this year's free market, I want to say that I have had the best in these guys. The person in the season. "

Maybe the effect of Dalvin Cook and the defensive end Afson-Griffen's absence is bigger than imagination? After this lost, Viking needs to adjust his mentality, Wholesale Jerseys try not to repeat the tragedy in the fourth week of the night.

The rookie quartz Swan Shuh-Allen Allen This game fully uses his legs, first complete the 10-code ball to reach the ball, then "Sneak" (Sneak) Take another six points He then finished Jason Croom, and obtained the third time. The Viking Kirk Kirk Cousins ​​is two times in the first quarter, and the performance cannot be compared with Allen. When the Minnesota offensive group even rare, they didn't have the first score in the game in less than 3 minutes.

Jones did harvest the number of battles not from the same time during the package of the package, but his data was under the average of the Auckland raid, he did not fully prove that he was in Alon. Rogers' hand can have excellent performance.

Jones said: "I hope to return to the Green Bay but I know this can't happen. I used to say that I like to become a package of packages, but we all know that this is commercial, I have to enter the free market, let me go Looking forward to this happens. "

This is also the worst record of McCartin's personal coaching career, the first 12 games. McCartki said: "I believe that these experience will make us better, these difficulties are not reasonable & hellip; & hellip; we will have a better opportunity to learn from the mistake, improve your consciousness and intuition. I believe the team Will get better and better. "