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Mani Ni was once a New York jet and the head of the Cleveland Brown team. He joined 49 people in San Francisco in 2013, first served as a senior offensive consultant and then transferred to the near-side talented coach. In the past few years, Maniki has played a defensive coordinator in the new England Patrioper Teachers Catholic Bill Belichic.

Sea Eagle Player: A offense cannot determine the whole game
In this super bowl left 26 seconds, Seattle Hawks are 4 points behind, and they are only one yard from the end of the new England patriots. Just as everyone thinks that MARSHAWN LYNCH will open "Beast" killing the game suspense, the sea eagle unexpectedly selected a pass tactics. In the end, the patriot has completed the copy, and the score is 28-24.

This season, Galley only first sent 12 games, he held 229 times, and promoted 1106 yords with 10 reachaes. His buset code reached 4.8 yards. As the first round of the race this season, Galley encountered a knee in front of the knee in the university, which also led him to absent the race of the ram, and the early days of the season. But since I replaced the game 3, this rookie quickly became the focus of the alliance.

Mario Tag may encounter a draft?
Due to the uncertainty of the four-guard position, New York jet is considered to be one of the NFL teams of the cheap nfl jerseys from china team of Marcus Mariota in the University of Marcus Mariota. The jet hand holds the sixth and selection rights and has sent a scout for him to hold private training.

Ram runs to Hurrel or will absent this week
Todd Gurley has been troubled by injuries this season, but even with injuries, he still completed a good gift season. This week, the team will collect Garli as "difficult" in the latest announcement of the injury report, which means that he has a lot of possibilities to absent the 49 people with San Francisco.

According to a NFL team management person, if it is good for Mario Tha, it is best to increase. "If (Mario Tag) is not selected by the team in the top six, he may experience the same fate as Aaron Rodgers," said the news told Yahoo Sports.

Cleveland Brown, Denver Wom Horse and New Orleans Saints are only three-wheel sighted teams in the quarter-saving position and have the first roundabed team after the jet. Brown and Saints each have 2 first roundabouts, Brown is in the twelfth and 199th, and the saints are in the thirteenth and thirty-up. The first round sign of the wild horse is in the twenty-eighth. But the general manager of the three teams has a strong reason not to choose quad-saving in the first round. Brown was selected for a year ago, Johnny Manziel, despite the shadow of the four-dimensional career, Brown is very impossible for two consecutive years in the first round. Quarter. At the same time, the saints and wild horses each have a star old quadruple Drew Brees and PEYTON Manning. Although the two of the two people are enough to make the team wisely make the decision of the first round of the packaged worker in 2005, the two teams have more urgent needs in other locations.

If you can win this week's game, the winning rate of the ram will come 50%. We have reason to believe that the next season is completely restored to healthy Galley can impact the playoffs with this young team.

Russell Wilson said he would not be surprised by the tactical choice: "I am not surprised. Passing it is normal, we have done this whole season and have successful success." Although In this way, Wilson is still very lost for being called: "I am very hurt, I hate the feeling of losing the ball. But I have to raise my head and continue to advance. I will prepare for the next season, our goal is to come back."

The Tampa City government approved this cruise activity after the pirate won the championship. Under the sun, thousands of fans are standing in the Hillsburg river. In addition, there are many people driving a private yacht or rowing with the cruise team.

The meaning of this history is that if the jet does not pick Mario Tag in the sixth step, there may be a long time to have another team willing to pick a quarter. Then, if the jet does not show, will it be interested?

After the game, talk about this offensive option, some Hawks players said that the offense could not determine the results of the whole game. External Hands - Baldwin believes that it should not be attributed to this attack: "I think we will be shocked for the final result. At that time, we still have a pause. We want to try to reach. I I don't know if this is correct or not, but we think just score. I hope I can give an explanation that can be accepted, but a debt cannot determine the winning and losing of the game. All of us must be responsible for this. "

In the face of the other yacht, Braddy first woves the measurement distance and the force required before and after the trophy, and then throw the trophy. The trophy passed an arc in the air and then held it to the teammates.

The raid person will take the first 49 people in the first 49 people in Mankini
Despite the new owner of the Auckland raid, Eric Mani, wholesale jerseys Eric Mangini, still did not disappear in the horizon team, according to NFL famous media people Ian Labertport ( Ian Rapoport reports this week, the raid team is considering the candidate of Mangini into the team defensive coordinator.