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Brown coach predicts the celebration after the opponent
Johnny Manziel will serve as the first quarter of the four-point guards in Cliftland Brown this week, and the opponent will be Cincinnati. It can obviously make the tigers players very excited about the tigers and players, they all hope that people who beat Manze in the game. On Thursday, Brown Mike Mike Pettine published its own views on this issue.

The only 5-time defensive player in 2013 is the inner line Weijie, Jerrell Freeman, is injured in the legs in Sunday. Bjorn Werner, the first round of last year will fill this vacancy, only 2.5 killing in 14 career competitions. Pakano came to Indiana to make people's strength to avattern. If he can't do his bride defending when he is absent in Masis, the fans of the pony will begin to worry about whether he is the best candidate of this job.

Jones missed the thirteenth week, but the giant eventually burst into the Seattle Eagle. In the next game, they must defeat Arizona's patron to ensure that they still occupy an advantage in the country of China.

49 people will be near the end of Azizi deals to patriots
According to NFL official website, Ian Rapoport reported that 49 people in San Francisco tried to replace the neighborhood Termati-Cleveland in the local time, and exchanged the attack on the Authentic ASANTE Cleveland. Front player Jordan Devey

Jared Goff 43 passes in the audience 32 times, advanced 424 yards, reached twice. The ram is sent to Brake Bortles to consume garbage time. Robert Woods completed 13 battles and promoted 172 yards. Tayler Higbee completed 7 battles, pushed 107 yards, reached once. Cooper Kupp completed 6 battles, pushed 65 yards, reached once. Todd Gurley scored 19 times, pushed 95 yards, reached once, he also completed a 20 yard boller.
In the interview, Pe Ting talked about the problem of killing, and predicted the celebration of the opponent's completion of the murder: "Everyone wants to kill Manzel. I guess, no matter who completes the killing, I will make Man Zel type & lsquo; Banknotes & RSQUO; Form celebration. Of course, the best result is to avoid being killed, but when things happen, Manzell must look forward. When a one-end attack is over, you must immediately Focus on the next gear. "Manzell must learn to control his emotions. In the preseason, he has been fined $ 1,21,000 because of the vertical finger to the team.

"You have got your warrior, leaders in the dressing room, the leadership of the team and unique," Pagano wrote in the official website in the team. "But I lost last night and no longer come back."
"This is indeed a devastating blow whether it is Robert, his family, our team and organization, bringing us the same blow."

Defensive and 悍 will destroy the horses
Indianapolis Tony has experienced the strikes brought about by the loss of offensive terminal leaders (Reggie Wayne) (Former Cross Liglevuan) (ACL). According to Robert Math, Robert Mathis, the news of the season reimbursement, coach Chuck Pagano, a similar speech between the two veterans.

This season is currently, he has a ball 794 yards, 7 times to reach. The number of balls came to pick all the new show, and the external connector of the Carolina Black Panther team, Kelvin Benjamin followed the 768 yard, Buffalo Belgou took over Saji-Watekins ( Sammy watkins) is 649 yards, Brandin Cooks, New Orleans, Cooks, is 550 yards.

In Friday injury reports, Jones, injured Jones, were listed as unable to determine if they were playing, but there was reason to be optimistic about him. Jones has participated in the training of Friday, although the training usually training is usually less training, but complete participation training may mean he can play games.

Cleveland is 23 years old this year, because 49 people currently have more than 8 people in front of the team, so they were traded. Cleveland graduated cheap jerseys from china the University of Miami, which was the player of last year, and then was signed by 49 people and had a record in 6 games. There is still no receipt of the ball in the regular season.

The 5th selection of professional bowls will try to return to the stadium at 34 years old. For the best defensive players last season, Masis is less likely to make the team's defensive players, but the wood is difficult, diving back to last year, and averaged 39 points in the past three games. 431 yards.

Lock is a row of wild horses this year, before the problem of injury is not possible. He is unstable in his first starting competition in his career, although the opening of the game is completed twice, but then there is no longer possible to play. It is enough for these two to reach. The wild horses rely on the end of the game against the opponent's pass to the range, Brandon Mc. Brandon McManus hits free kick, and takes the victory for the wild horse.

This year's 27-year-old Derwi is a futile player, which has always been in the patriotic spanning lineup. She was transferred to the team last season and started to fight 4 games. He can make two positions and striker, and his joining is a good supplement to the offensive front of 49 people.