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Breddy Mute Warm Smith High Emirates
The game of the Kansas Elderly at noon on September 30th is 41 to 14 victorious.

The fierce confrontation and all kinds of anti-overtime? Ok, Braddy is not working? Patriot defense is too bad? Smith passed the ball? Is the chief running too fast? This game Breddy Basic dumbfire, the patriot high-priced defensive group was unlicensed by the Alex Smith, Alex Smith, has always been running in Jamal Charles, nfl wholesale Jamaal Charles. Actually completed 2 games, of course his sports is still unmanned, let's take a look at the process of the game.

12 minutes before the opening of the game, both sides were attacked, but they did not translate into scores, relatively, the chief attack hand running more, until the 6th minute Smith took over the attack, all the way, short pass, final by Run Khals completed 2 chi-Ball reachaes, the chief is the first section of the first section at 7 to 0. In the second game, Braddy came to 3 pass to abandon the right, and the chief was running 48 yards by Nier Davis. After the Smith passed the 5 yards. Passing the ball, the chief leads in 14 to 0, then in the second quarter of the 8th minute, Braddy's three-speed passed failure needs to abandon the play, but the patriot is replaced by the defensive group, they must not Do not request a pause to replace the kick group. The last half of the last 1 second is complete, and the first half is 17 to 0.

The second half of the patriots still don't have any improvement, the 9th minute Brundy was killed by the Aiastern Qi Tan - Harry (Tamba Hali) and dropped the ball. The chief offensive group was easy to complete, and wholesale football jerseys the ball was successfully completed by Charlis. The ball was in the hands of the patriots. Breddy was passed by the Chief team by the Emirates, the Emirates completed 31 yards. Playing the ball score, this point is already 27-0, Braddy seems to be wakeful until the 5th minute, complete the 19 yard pass to reach. The fourth quarter is basically a junk time, the Smith hand is full, and it is easy to advance to the pass to Deta, then Braddy is only twice, and it is copied by Hussell - Opopo (Husain Abdullah) ) Completed, but due to the chief line player's personal foul is blown off, wholesale nfl jerseys china Braddy is saved, then the patriot is replaced by the Subtock, Jimmy Garoppolo passed Grokovsky 13 yards pass to the ball. The ratio is 14 to 41, but this time the game has completely lost suspense.

The quadrants of the quarter-saving data on both sides of this game, Braddy 23 passed 14, only completed 159 yards and 1 reachable, but was attached 2 times to cut 1 time; Smith's data is extremely terrible, 26 pass 20 Complete 248 yards and 3 times.

The gap between the two teams is also very obvious, the ground running of the Emirates completed 207 yards, and the patriot only completed 75 yards running, and the first attack was 2 times higher. Take a look at the special group, the chief of the Emirates, RYAN Allen, complete the 58 yards twice, and kick it directly into the end. This game is 36 minutes and 27 seconds, while the patriot only has poor 23 minutes and 33 seconds, so the chief is very thorough.

Next week, the patriots need to face 3 wins and 0 losses, and the patriot defensive for this game bird hugging is so high, order jerseys online cheap will it be another nightmare of the patriot? The next opponent is 49 people, and the ground-defensive chiefs and 49 people who are specially spectating the ground is very expected.